The Top Eco-Lodges in Patagonia

Escape to some of the most beautiful places in the world at the Patagonian eco-lodge.

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Author: Jemima Forbes

Beautiful scenery and good food are some of the things you can expect on vacation in South America. Among the most popular destinations is Patagonia: a beautiful region divided between Chile and Argentina and across the Andes Mountains.

Farther south in South America are majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes, tropical rain forests, and vast deserts. I also have several experiences once in a lifetime, from stargazing to the earth to the taste of fine wine. You can extend your trip to Patagonia via nearby Polynesia for a break or a visit to Easter Island.

For those who want to protect the earth as they travel, the picturesque landscape of Patagonia makes it a long-lasting vacation destination. One of the things that goes hand in hand with a sustainable trip to Patagonia is the preservation of one of its amazing eco landscapes.

From deluxe coastal camps to tropical mountain lodges and tropical baths and wood-burning stoves, here is a glimpse of some of our favorite places in Patagonia.


Located in the Torres del Paine National Park on the Chilean side of the Patagonia, Explora is the best eco hotel for peace and tranquility. The interior is about 2,000 miles[2000 km]wide and is filled with glaciers, peaks, and beautiful waterfalls that are easily explored by boat or kayak.

Visitors have suits of choice between Explora Patagonia, all of which are equipped with elaborate architecture and spectacular mountain views. Unsustainable decoration resembles a lack of professionalism, which makes the back of the hotel you go there to change and become one with nature.

Explora also has many events open to its visitors. These include horseback riding in the golden swamps, scenic walks and 100+ Torres del Paine bird sanctuaries.

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Another green hotel in Patagonia is enough to escape most with Tierra. It is located within the Torres del Paine and its interlocking design allows it to integrate with the surrounding surrounding landscape.

Tierra is great if you can have the opportunity to have a good spa. Spend a day of decorating at the Uma Spa venue with an indoor pool with low windows overlooking the Paine Massif. Stability is located in the center of the hotel and contributes greatly to the maintenance of the National Park.

If you are not visiting the spa, you can use it for a number of purposes, from kayaking at sea to riding a motorcycle. Come at night, dine at the hospitality hotel that offers Patagonian cuisine.

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3Patagonia camp

Those who wish to go further than the accommodation in Patagonia should reserve a place at Patagonia Camp. The camp is located on the shores of Lake Toro in the Torres del Paine area and offers the best of both worlds in Mongolia’s mysterious houses.

Filled with decorative ornaments and stained glass roofs, some yurts of the Patagonia Camp also have outdoor jacuzzi. The 20 yurts are connected by a jungle trail and all of them have beautiful views across the Toro Lake.

Also relaxing in your yurt and sleeping soundly in nature, you can take advantage of the opportunity to go camping for all ages and possibilities. Specialty food lovers also love outdoor cooking at Patagonia Camp which uses Chilean ingredients.

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Another green hotel in Patagonia that you should have on your radar is Awasi. Some residences, located in Torres del Paine, are inaccessible to the prison because of the mountain acres that protect and preserve them.

Hidden and loving, Awais owns only 12 palaces that were all designed to blend in with the rural areas. They are also suspended on wooden poles to reduce the impact on the environment. Each has a spectacular view of Lake Sarmiento and pampas pastures. The main lodge has a common area and Awasi restaurant that grows its seasonal produce on all of its delicious regional food.

Stay home away from home and enjoy outdoor activities with a secret guide on horseback, on foot or by bike. Awasi is a beautiful place, with almost zero neighborhoods except for wildlife.

“Patagonia is amazing because of the variety of species it offers. You can ride yourself in the shade of the Fitz Roy, see the amazing Perito Moreno Glacier, and enter the beautiful scenery and mountains of Torres del Paine National Park. It’s a long way to get to the very south of the world – but it’s worth it. I’m already looking forward to seeing you again. On top of everything there is a nice place and a place to stay that gives you the opportunity to stay every day when you visit the place. ”

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