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Athens is a beautiful and mysterious city with a world history and art, but the many summers I passed through and went to the Greek islands, I did not want to spend time at sea to be there. Scales have fallen, however, with the opening of Esperinos, a new vacation home on the Acropolis — adjacent to Philopappos Hill. The first arrest in the 1930’s, the site became vacant The 30-year-old was on the verge of collapse when his owners invited Stamos Michael – one of Greece’s leading chairmen and interior designers – to consider renting a room. He designed a space that blends well with antiquity and modernity, combining its seats with illumination and Cycladic architecture, as well as Athenian clay tiles and windows were brought out of the palace on the island of Tinos. Its painted walls also feature modern (unadulterated) art galleries, which speak to Esperinos’ main goal: to allow visitors to see the new Athenian culture in a dazzling way, as if they were sleeping in a display. It is more comfortable than a luxury hotel, and it is the gateway to the destination I have to research in real ways. From $ 189 per night, available from April to November;

Le Monde Beryl, a London-based shoe brand known for its well-printed (and well-fitted) velvet and silk gondolier-style slippers, is launching a new trend this week. Founders Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin, both gemologists, have made earrings, chokers, bracelets and curved rings around Georgia’s stones, with oxidized silver and 18-karat gold with precious and non-precious stones meanings such as amethyst, barns, pearls and rose-cut diamonds – all made by artists in London and India. There are also necklaces made of horizontal beads made of special black metal from Germany. “These pieces are made to last a few times – something we want to see at a higher price but not the price,” Hanbury said. The pair have also received a leopard print leopard print from a Venetian dress house, Luigi Bevilacqua, 145, to decorate the curtain with their original almond mule, and Mary Jane flat with a cross bag (available from next month). From $ 95;

It is not uncommon to use the word “underrated” to describe an artist known as Lynda Benglis, whose work is in a large American museum, and is not a bad reputation for her. He is still known for a number of advertisements he made on Artforum’s pages in the 1970s – one of which included a portrait of the artist with nothing but white mirrors. is making a great dildo – Benglis is one of the most fun and interesting sculptors in the last 50 years. The new exhibition, featuring Ortuzar Projects and Cheim & Read, focuses on his release, from 1967 to 1979, when his sculpture was less meaningful and powerful than Jackson Pollock’s. filming 20 years ago. He developed the original definition of the medium through a series of abstract techniques, such as in “Bravo” (1973-74), which looks like John Chamberlain’s stainless steel but looks like aluminum wire, covered with a curtain and pumped through electrical wires, here it is a combination of earth, copper and brass, and hang on the wall like paint. His work captured the philosophical interest that Minimalists such as Robert Morris and Donald Judd had traditional materials, but add strong durability and texture to the mix. She was a Minimalist ready to dump her, and I pick up Judd every day of the week. “Lynda Benglis: Early Work 1967-1979” is aired on December 3 at Ortuzar Projects, 9 White Street, New York City; Cheim & Read, 23 East 67th Street, New York City; and Ortuzar View Room, 23 East 67th Street, New York City; and

Victoria and Emily Ceraudo, Italian brothers and sisters who grew up in Cambridge, England, fondly remember their trip to the nearby Italian port with their money Yeast like sfogliatelle, cannoli and bomboloni. Now in London, the duo, who launched Ceraudo’s indoor and outdoor furniture in 2016, are paying homage to these classic designs with their new irreverent fabrics. Two designs with Dolce’s collection – the iconic Dolce Dots and the larger Cosmos Check – are available in pockets mounted directly from the shelves of traditional pasticceria, including Panna Cotta, a creamy cream; Parma Violet, lilac purple; and Biscotti with red clay. Clothing is featured on rugs, fabrics and paper, and can be customized with Ceraudo floor chairs, including dining chairs, leg chairs, armchairs and ottomans. For the sisters, who have a history in fashion and architecture, there was no place worth shooting for more than the Lina Stores Italian deli, a classic in London’s Soho filled with sausage sausages, fresh mozzarella, and sweets. “Shelves full of fun colors – we love it so much,” says Victoria. “It’s a place you go in and sit for hours drinking espresso and baking bread, as they do in Italy all day.”

A few years ago, Noura Sakkijha, from a family of gemstones, felt that there was nothing missing when it came to making gemstones. Many brands still use the advertising strategy to encourage men to buy more women’s toilets, instead of asking people who want to buy their own jewelry. In 2015, he founded a purchasing company for Mejuri, which offers a number of rings, beads, bracelets and many other items. cheap prices and releasing new designs every week. This, along with the smart design of the brand and the use of well-preserved diamonds, has been made Mejuri get along well with young girls as well as men. “It was very important for me to follow our diamond stones, I’m proud of it,” Sakkijha, who is 35 years old, told me recently on Zoom. This week, as part of a small number of readings, Mejuri unveils a new ring – in which the stars are cut in thick gold and paired with a small diamond – inspired by the famous style on the brand’s evergreen, Dôme ring, as well as the city of Los Angeles. Last month came the Dôme ring that paid homage to the New York City Chrysler Building with scallops design; more rings will be released in the coming months, each given to an American city. The delicious and low-key, Mejuri jewelry sounds like it was made for those of us who want to decorate smartly but casually. From $ 475;

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