The Sundown Strip Stirs Once more

The magazine, from Steve Witkoff, a New York-based designer, was the first new project to open on the Sunset Strip in two decades. Behind him is another hotel by Ian Schrager, whose original work includes Studio 54, Palladium and some of the world’s first and most prestigious hotels.

John Pawson, a London-based architect, oversees the Edition of the Edition, which is very small. Sterling Ruby’s debut, “The Scale,” greets guests as they enter the reception. The hotel reopened publicly on October 1.

Edition Edition, the only few that have not yet been sold, sells for between $ 4 million and $ 30 million and ranges from 1,600 to 6,400 meters. Both offer views of the Hollywood Hills and Pacific Ocean.

Mr Pawson is said to have spent the night on the Sunset Strip, decades ago.

“I can’t say I remember my time in those clubs, but I went to one or two, a long time ago,” he said in a telephone interview at his London studio. “The line has changed a lot, hasn’t it?”

All new events in West Hollywood have to set aside 20% of their units to accommodate affordable, affordable housing.

The magazine cost $ 2.2 million, and at Pendry, the manufacturers paid $ 3.5 million and include five units of affordable housing, which will be one bedroom.

“We all understand that the most expensive houses are going to happen, and are going to happen in a city like ours,” said John D’Amico, mayor of West Hollywood. “But we also want to ensure that the working, retired and disabled people have something in common.”

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