The place To Keep In Phuket: Finest Areas & Motels

Southeast Asia offers a lot of fun places that are hard to take, right?

As an island, Bali is the unmistakable combination of natural beauty and fascinating culture.

Compared to Bali, Thailand has more rainfall. But they are both easily accessible and you will need the same kind of budget for both.

Bali and Thailand both offer transportation and tourist options alike. And there are many things to do in all of this.

One of the major differences between Bali and Phuket and the beaches.

In Bali, beaches are ideal for surfers because there are regular swellings, but not swimming (except for a few beaches). It’s not very pretty anymore.

On the other side of Phuket has some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen: pristine, desert, untouched, clear white water and white sand setting standards. Ideal for swimmers and lovers of scenery and scuba diving and island jumping.

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