The place To Keep In Lombok: Greatest Areas, Seashores & Lodges

Bali and Lombok are all major islands. Choosing the right one for you all depends on what you are looking for to have!

Apart from the fact that they both have a town called Kuta (don’t confuse the two!) With many cultures, they also have a different culture.

In the past, all the islands of Indonesia were divided and independent kingdoms. What brought them together today is that they were all former Dutch settlers. And during the period of independence, they have been united under the name “Indonesia”.

Bali and Lombok all have the same size, the same tree of life, and the type of landscape, filled with forests, mountains, beautiful landscapes.

The main cultural difference is that Bali is a Hindu island, while Lombok is a Muslim. Five times a day, you will hear a call to prayer – which can wake you up at night.

The Balinese culture is one of the main attractions for the island. The locals are very open and love to share stories and stories with visitors.

You will have the opportunity to learn about their fascinating history, religion, art, and culture.

Bali has been a hospitable destination for many years and as a result it has a reliable architecture – plenty of accommodation options, delicious and nutritious dinner, and things to do.

By comparison so that tourism has taken over the local culture in some places. Traffic congestion, overcrowding, and urban sprawl are just some of the consequences.

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