The place To Go In Bali: 15 All-Time Favorite Locations

Seminyak, a coastal area in Bali, is an ideal place to explore when visiting the Island of the Gods.

I call it Seminyak on the outskirts of town because everything is expensive.

You will never find the crazy ones again and I would say cheating clubs how you can go to Kuta. Seminyak has luxurious homes, hotels, shops and fine restaurants.

Personally, my favorite dining outfit is the one with the bean bag at Double Six Beach.

What could be better than watching the sun set while eating at a party with some tapes sitting on a bag of beans and sand between your fingers? I mean, life can be complicated, right?

However, if you are looking for high-quality vibes, head to Ku De Ta, W Hotel or Potato Head, which are some of the most popular beach resorts, where you can openly say you can feel like a star when you visit.

Seminyak being the best port in Bali, there are several ways to stay, among them and some of the best places in Bali.

Whether it’s a luxury hotel or a guesthouse, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Likewise, if you are looking to shop, Seminyak Square or Seminyak Village is a good place to light up but everywhere on the highways there will also be a shopping center.

So, if you want some of the best of Bali see Seminyak.

Lauren’s Favorite Places in Bali from The Traveler’s Guide by #ljojlo

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