The New E-book ‘Travel by Design’ Is the Final Armchair Travel


Ask for expertise wherever they may want inspiration, and you will probably hear one source: Travel. For many interior designers, there is no better way to enhance content (including, discover new sources!) Than to explore new places and immerse yourself in art, traditions, colors, and natural surroundings. Obviously, the past year has put our plans in jeopardy for almost all of us – and as the Design Leadership Network, a team of design and architects, was planning to publish a book highlighting members ’favorite, all found themselves with hotel-restricted trips. But instead of getting rid of the job, the group moved forward – he thought, it was a better time than ever to celebrate the joy of the trip, and see the place they want to return to when they return. Enter: Travel by Design, a collection of motion pictures created by artists in their favorite places – as well as a final holiday of chairs.

“While it has been refreshing to enjoy the domestic excitement, as we await new treatment with the COVID-19 vaccine, I think anyone who reads this will share my belief that traveling in the coming months will be more selective and appreciated than ever,” DLN founder Peter Sallick introduction to this book. Indeed, we are dreaming of our next journey. Here, we have found hundreds of selected sites sharing in Travel and Design. Think about the food for your tourist attractions, each time they resume.

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Machu Picchu, Peru

Although the mountainous city of Peru is a popular tourist destination, it is still a marvel. Paul Whalen, an architect at Robert AM Stern Architects, said: “The most accurate stone is the most memorable stone.”

Rome, Italy

It is no surprise that Rome is a perpetual favorite of architects: “The inadequacies of ancient Roman ruins make the ideas grow,” says Tom Kligerman’s Ike Kligerman Barkley. “The architect finishes them off, everyone in a different way.”

Bagan, Myanmar

Designer Tom Stringer calls the ancient, abandoned city, home to pagodas since the 9th century – “a beautiful and memorable place.” Not surprisingly, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cotswolds, England

“West London, the Cotswolds and the rest of the world, are home to some of the most spectacular villages since the Middle Ages, beautiful homes, gardens, and landscapes,” says John Howard. What is the best motivation for a gardener?

Mexico City, Mexico

In order to anoint the paint, there can be no better visit than Casa Gilardi of Louis Barragan, who was obsessed with more paint, by Ron Woodson of Woodson & Rummerfield.


In some cases, the best inspiration is found in less recognizable layers. “Every time I go to Australia, I’m fascinated by the light,” says producer Jeffrey Alan Marks.

Ravello, Italy

While it may seem like a beach vacation from this point of view, a small Italian town has more to offer than this: “Ravello’s natural beauty combined with the architecture of the area is a rejuvenation,” says Frank Ponterio.

Great Plains, Botswana

Sometimes I miss man-made products that are very inspiring. “There are no words to describe the wonders of nature and wildlife, how they all fit together,” says architect Jiang Ho of the valleys of Botswana. “What makes me different is the species of the earth and the plants.”

Hadley Keller is a New York writer and editor, speaking of design, interior, and culture.

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