The Greatest 3-Season Backpacking Sleeping Bag

With a slight downfall, VENTURE 4TH® is releasing a new version of the Famous Sleeping Bag: Silver / Black! The sleeping bag will be available on the Amazon market at the end of September 2019.

The sleeping bag has been tested and tested and will give you a good spring, summer, and autumn season. Temperatures range from 35 ° F-77 ° F, so it does not matter if you prefer a hot summer night or a cold winter evening this sleeping bag will make sure you sleep through the night safely and without noise.

The three current colors offered by Blue / Gray, Red / Orange, and Green / Green, the combination of Silver / Dark will be a thank you to those who love their camping gear a little unchanged.

This sleeping bag is ideal for those looking for an outdoor adventure! Whether it’s a camp, a star-studded night, a festival, a backyard, or a trip back to backing up this sleeping bag affects all the boxes you’ve been looking for. With its sleek new design and lightweight design, you will be coveted by all your outside friends.

Lightweight and Flexible – The compressed straps that the carry case comes with allow the sleeping bag to be folded to be simple and easy. This makes it easier to carry than most other sleeping bags out there. When wrapped, the total weight is only 2.9lb! It is designed in such a way that even a child can enjoy it.

Various Climate and Climate-Resistant – The sleeping bag is made of 210T waterproof polyester and keeps you dry even in inclement weather. This bag is tested on the largest size that foreign enthusiasts look for to ensure that the broken zipper does not ruin your experience. This three-season sleeping bag is a great addition to any camper.

Durable and Durable – The most advanced Polyester in which the sleeping bag is made is soft to the touch so you won’t have to worry about waking up itching. The outer shell and all its straps were carefully selected and tested to ensure that the user was kept warm at 35 ° F in the evening fall of the mountain, and cooled at 75 ° F on a summer night in a musical ceremony.

The same sleeping bag, fully wrapped, is 29.5 inches wide and 86.6 inches long enough for a child or adult up to 5’11 “in height. The design of the barrel is enough to make you comfortable, yet easy to make fun of.

VENTURE 4TH® also sells other outdoor equipment and accessories, including sleeping bags, fast-drying tires and charging chargers, all designed to fit the lifestyle of those who love the outdoors, or to travel frequently.

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