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Freedom Work – Conducting Tour By Writer Wilko van de Kamp

As a Baby Boomer Travel, Health & Fitness Blogger, I was recently asked by Author Wilko van de Kamp, to read one of his recent books from Freedom Project. The book is called; Freedom Work – Travel.

If you think we are the children of Boomers, be sure to check out my Gr8 Travel Tips homepage. I explain in detail about who we are the Millions of Boomers Worldwide. ????

As a hiker, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to read more about Wilko and his experiences over the years.

What I learned from reading this book did not surprise me at all. On the contrary, I have come to realize that we have similarities in many ways when it comes to travel.

About The Author Of The Freedom Project – Ulendo

Journey of Freedom of Employment

Wilko is a professional photographer and illustrator. He has traveled the world as a professional photographer for many years and continues to do so. She also shares her travel interests, skills and writing skills as a speaker.

A native of the Netherlands, Wilko is well versed in Europe, and travels to Canada. He is the sole author of this book and other titles under the Freedom Project.

“My book has encouraged many to go to research and provide tools to make dreams come true.”

Alternative – Buy One Gift

West Coastal Fire

I am glad that Wilko is using the money he is selling to sell to the poor in Honduras. Like the other online bookstore I support called Better World Books. They sell used books and donate to their page with the money they spend on each sale to support literacy, reading and education around the world.

“For each of the Freedom Project books on sale, it helps to prepare one child for the best education, to awaken the mind and open the mind so that they can have hope and change!”

Of all the books The Freedom Project has sold, they have donated one book to the library school in Honduras.

The Amazing Benefits of Travel

I have traveled since I was a child, because I have good parents who can afford it. In my experience, there is no better education than to travel and meet the rest of the world.

Memories, experiences and things I learned during the trip are very important. ????

The Anointing of the Journey

Wilko not only encourages and encourages others to get out of the box and walk through his book, but also includes many helpful tips along the way. They all learned during the many years of emigration.

Even after many years of travel, I have still taken some of the most important tips in reading this book.

Freedom Work – Travel – Instructions

Sign of Freedom Project

One of my favorite words of all time,…

“Do Not Think of Their Sayings… Go and See!”

I always try to have the words – Live for Today & Plan For Tomorrow. We all have dreams, goals and aspirations. The Freedom Project – Travel is a well-written book on how to change that dream.

Wilko will guide you with his or her full knowledge of the ways in which you can plan trips, turn dreams into realistic goals and how you can achieve them. Its invaluable advice will guide you from start to finish.

From planning, savings to the best advice on how to save money effectively.

Freedom Work - Travel

He encourages everyone to get out of the box to find out if you are really a Visitor or a Traveler. Learn how travel can change your life in ways you never thought possible. How to achieve reality in all situations and what you can achieve for that reason.

I really enjoyed Wilko’s easy-to-read book on Wilko’s “Zen Approach to Travel” and I know you will too!

Below, I have included a link to Wilko van de Kamp’s Official Website for easy reference. Her website has links to her blog, her amazing photography, publications and much more. It takes time to see!

Having the Events logo

✈ Wilko van de Kamp

Safe and Healthful Travels! ????

signature of author and owner Robert Tellier at

Although my copy of The Freedom Project – Travel was provided by co-author Wilko van de Kamp, rest assured that all my thoughts are with me and reflect my own experiences alone.

Did you know…

“The Most Popular Book in the World…
Holy Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung & Harry Potter. ”

Traveling Life

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