The European Union adopts widespread guidelines and rules to facilitate vacationers

With countries coming in and closing slowly, many tourists are confused and have new laws and regulations, making it difficult for tourists to adjust to the latest warnings and trends.

On Tuesday, European Union countries agreed with a number of guidelines aimed at facilitating free travel that was disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic.

This came at a conference in Luxembourg where delegates from 27 European countries agreed on a common approach that would help citizens and workers to better understand how to travel between countries.

The new idea came after countries began to open up after a few months of closure that closed in March this year to reduce the rise in coronavirus infections. Even through the Schengen agreement citizens are able to travel between countries, the move to close international action has hampered traffic and medical equipment.

“Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted our daily life in many ways. Restrictions on travel have made it difficult for some of our citizens to go to work, university or to visit their loved ones, “said Michael Roth, Germany’s European Union Secretary-General. all they can want when choosing their trip. ”

All members present at the conference also agreed to submit coronavirus information to the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) which is published weekly to provide information on coronavirus cases in other countries.

Based on the specifications, the site will be decorated with Green, Orange and Red while the number of cases that can be reported will be included.

The member states also agreed to restrict free travel for people traveling to or from the Green region. But non-EU countries should follow the rules set by their government.

The region will be considered green if the 14-day notice is less than 25 and the test score is less than 4%.

“The agreement avoids border closure and encourages fewer preventive measures, such as trial,” said Clement Beaune, France’s French minister. “Finally, key agencies, especially border workers, will be protected.”

The council also agreed to provide temporary notice to neighbors about the new restrictions 48 hours in advance to plan their trip accordingly.

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