The common language of tasty meals blogger, YouTuber Mark Wiens

Iran, at 7 a.m. Video shows a large line of customers carrying small pots brought home to buy a small portion of hot and sweet saffron, or Persian herbal stew. Shwarma in Istanbul is an oil that is applied to the oil every time it falls on the coals. It just waits for it to be pierced with a skewer and cut into small pieces. In the third episode, Grandpa in Ashdod prepares large Moroccan delicacies for a fire that he lit on the doorstep of his house. All of this you will find on Mark Wiens YouTube YouTube. The traveler, who is from Thai and China, decided one day to leave his former life and travel around the world. She has proven herself tasting different foods in different parts of the world (blog blog), which is seen by many of her followers. She enjoys photographing herself tasting street food, eating in restaurants, bars and ice cream restaurants. They look interesting and different in different ways. The difference between women and bloggers is their way of reviving food. They have an unparalleled ability to understand the food they ate after a single bite, and they succeed in spreading this to an audience. He combines his actions with the aroma and the composition of the food with the sounds and whirlwinds of the moment, showing it all in a kind, respectful and peaceful way that shows respect and appreciation for the traditions of the person who created it. million and a view of 1.5 billion. was growing. Wiens’ parents emigrated to the US before he was born. At the age of five, his family moved to France and then to Congo and Kenya. When he was ready to go to college, he decided to return to the US, to Arizona. After receiving his diploma, Wiens resumed his research around the world, focusing on the food of every place he went. He did not want to prepare food, but to taste and write about it. She started her own food blog while in Thailand. From then on, Wiens soon began traveling, writing and making food videos that they found at the beginning of each Wiens video, they described the city they were in and the food they tasted. They usually travel to different parts of the country. They like to look at big cities or areas that pride themselves on food or other foods. In some cases, you can watch as the Wiens approach a vendor on the street and taste foods they don’t know exist. Wiens ’most recognizable features are her charming and charming face as well as her body-shaped gestures that combine to show how happy she is and how happy she is. There is no doubt that this guy is very passionate. They talk about the consistency of ingredients and culinary traditions among the nearby cities and discuss the different types and varieties. For example, they compare Pakistani-Indian cuisine, and discuss the differences between Israeli and Palestinian cuisine. The most exciting video I ever saw was one Wiens made in Iran. The Persian cuisine we know here in Israel is just a few of the Iranian cuisine. In a chapter on his journey to Israel, Wiens connects with food director David Califa (The Hungry Tourist). These tasted ice cream, delicious meat dishes and many other foods left Wiens speechless. While in Iran he met with Mister Taster to find real Iranian food. Particularly because of the differences between the two countries, I could not distinguish between the similarities that occur in Israel and Iran. Of all these, the people who photographed them were very proud of their food and hospitality, and did not mention politics. It aroused my curiosity and I ended up seeing many Wiens episodes in rare places. While many of the places he recommended in Israel are known for their restaurants, some of them were amazing. Wiens’ YouTube video does not have Hebrew words, but watching its videos is a great way for the Israelites to understand English better, especially when it comes to the language of all food.

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