The Caribbean islands the place you’ll be able to travel now

This year as the coronavirus swept across the globe, many governments were unprepared to deal with the economic crisis. And when it did, it reached its peak and most of the major tourist destinations that support GDP met the GDP while many places closed their borders to attract international tourists and domestic tourism.

The former Caribbean islands were also a tourist destination and Allen Chastanet, Prime Minister of St. “It has seriously damaged our economy and the lives of our citizens,” Lucia said. The island derives 65% of GDP from tourism however, as coronavirus stimulation came into effect and many uninvited tourists caused the government to lose about 60% of its revenue from tourism. In addition, in the workplace, people saw more than 25% in the workforce.

Tourism activities in other parts of the Caribbean have seen positive results since 2020 as this would have been the savior of the hurricane that the islands experienced last year, they too have suffered from the effects of the crisis.

Lucie had lifted the ban on June 04 and it was the first country with Antigua and Barbuda to reopen. In late July other countries such as Jamaica, the Dominican Republic were also opened as cases of coronavirus began to escalate in the states stood up and announced a ban.

Meanwhile, 28 Caribbean countries have agreed to reopen as the Festive season is a major holiday season as the warmer climate earns more money during the winter months. The Caribbean countries want to recover the money that wasted $ 44 billion during the holiday season.

St. Lucie is one of her favorite places and the Prime Minister said: “Our tourism companies need to be with Covid to recover.”

Daniel Marmontello, director of strategy at Apple Leisure Group, a subsidiary of, said: that they may be saved. ”

All the Caribbean islands are developing safety measures to reduce Covid-19 explosions but the rules vary from place to place and sometimes the rules may not be the same and can change from week to week. It should be noted that the hotel offers a discount of around 30-40% off.

Here are some of the most famous Caribbean islands you can visit here including the Dominican Republic, St. Barts, Anguilla, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos Islands

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