The Books Serving to Us Escape Proper Now: Ladies Who Travel Podcast

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Meredith Carey: Hello, everyone. By Meredith. Before we start this week’s episode, the last final of the season, Lale and I just wanted to say, “Thank you.” We have been filming this podcast in our homes since March and we are grateful that you have included us this year less. We are so excited to answer your questions, express our concerns, and find the women we love all over the world and we hope you have one too. We will be back in January with new features, be sure to sign up to be notified when we start the first season.

Lale Arikoglu: Hello, everyone, thank you for listening to Women Who Travel, a podcast from Conde Nast Traveler. I am Lale Arikoglu and I am with my regular team, Meredith Carey.

MC: Wawa.

QUESTIONS: As we have mentioned in previous sections that we have published in recent months, books have become like a refugee and education when we are at home. And as we look at winter and oh, God, we are looking at winter, which is a great time to read and give gifts, we think we will be our last part of the year and give you a few more ideas on your pile. Joining us to share their choices and regular podcast, Jynne Dilling Martin, co-publisher of Riverhead Books.

Jynne Dilling Martin: Hey, everyone.

QUESTIONS: And Kalima DeSuze, a freedom fighter and founder of a women’s bookstore, Cafe con Libros, Brooklyn.

Kalima DeSuze: Hello, everyone.

MC: So before we start with our choices, I want to ask you, Kalima, a question. When we spoke to Emma Straub earlier this year, she spoke about the support and, most importantly, the patience we need to show in our local literature on where people should order holiday books and for themselves or their families. What would you advise them to do?

KD: Oh my mother. First of all, thank you for this question because it is a very important question. I would say that people need to buy independent bookstores. That’s number one, sell here all season. I don’t want to be rude, and I want to be honest. Amazon does not want your money, I promise. It’s a $ 1 billion-focused $ trillion-company, but the retail space itself, needs your money. It has been a very difficult time, which is why I would say it is just a private and affordable one.

Number two, I would say I wrote your list. Be prepared, do a little research, and then try to pre-order to give small independent shops or small local businesses time to ship your packages. For me, I send USPS because I am in the military and the USPS system. Although, I respect the work of UPS and FedEx, I think it is important for us to represent politics and one way Cafe con Libros has represented our politicians and supported USPS, then it means it will take a little longer than usual. Be patient. Be aware that your dollar is not just a gift. Your dollar means something in this world, in a time of crisis, so it means changing the way we work with small businesses and participating in the USPS system. Therefore, sell locally, plan ahead, be patient and understanding, and develop skills in ways that you can continue to support local businesses.

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