The Blogger Couple Who Made $20Ok Mid-Pandemic

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This week, we’re discussing Nadia and Mike, all 30, founders of the Couple Travel the World dating and dating blog. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, he developed a total of $ 60,600 per year ($ 5,050 per month), and now, due to the COVID-related exposure, create $ 1,030 per month from a blog. They lived together for 13 years and lived in Atlanta, GA.

How It All Happened

Nadia: Mike and I met to dance in high school when we were 14. A friend dared to ask the most beautiful boy in the room to dance so I searched the room until I saw Mike.

Mike: We didn’t date at that time. We didn’t see each other for years until we started talking at the age of 17.

Nadia: We agreed on a meeting and everything else is history. We’ve settled in on since then and decided to study law and marketing at university. We were so close that our classmates started calling us “Couple,” a nickname that would later become the name of our visiting blog.

Mike: We have always wanted to travel. One of the reasons we’ve been together for so long is that we love to travel around the world. At university, we put our small investments in blue chip stock on stocks when stocks were low and stocks traded while stocks were high. We made a lot of money because we invested during the 2008 global financial crisis, when stocks were declining.

joint income

Nadia: In 2013, we all started working in law firms, but we were quickly exhausted by the daily grind. I remember one lawyer telling me that lawyers are safe rodents, and this is true because you sit in your office every day for hours. We decided to study for masters on the other side of Copenhagen in 2015, but due to the shortage of houses we traveled around the world instead we finished the bosses almost. This is where our life as digital travelers and our travel blog began.

Mike: At first, we liked that our blog gave us access to free hotels and other things, but we knew we wanted to get more financial freedom. By just the second year, we were able to make a living on our blog and live our days traveling the world. We have been without a permanent home and regular travel for five years, until COVID-19 canceled our tours. In the meantime, we travel to rehabilitated camps.

How COVID-19 Affected Us

Nadia: Prior to COVID-19, we were doing research in the United States. Aside from the incidents, one of the biggest damage we did to our office – Starbucks! It’s a great place to move digital to work for a few hours, as there are Starbucks every 20 minutes across America.

Mike: Since we have about $ 1,000 a month to earn money (after tax), we save. For many years since 2008, we did not buy shares and saved our money waiting for the right time to sell the market.

Nadia: The stock market moves around 7 years, thus, every 7 years is low.

Mike: When we have doubts, we talk all the time.

Mike: After COVID-19, our blog started making $ 5,050 per month to $ 1,030. Our advertising sales are down 33 percent, as no one is moving and the advertisers are not spending money.

saved blog

Nadia: Prior to the outbreak, we signed a contract with Fortune 500, which provided us with monthly allowance upon completion of our work. He terminated our contract with a one-day notice, work that was completed earlier that month. Our income also increased, since we needed to stay in Airbnb.

Nadia: We were able to use our money to just pay for the money we spent and make wise decisions.

Mike: The total share market is down by 30 percent and some shares are over 70 percent; We knew this was a chance we wanted to buy. So far, we have supplemented our record by $ 20,000 by investing in this time.

Nadia: Another stock we put on was Norway Cruise Lines (NCLH) for $ 8. Many people may think we are crazy about money on the highway, but we found that at $ 8 the shares were worthless. He traded more than $ 50 two months ago. We have been selling and making a profit on this platform. The price is now $ 10, but we sold a portion of our shares a few weeks ago when the share price reached $ 16.

Mike: We also bought stocks in other markets like Carnival (CCL) (we bought $ 9, now $ 14). Another is Nvidia (NVDA), which makes computer systems popular with gamers (they bought $ 220, now $ 350) because we thought they could make more business with brick and mortar and closed-door businesses as well as people hiding at home. We reduce our risk by purchasing small plots (less than $ 1,000) in various companies and industries.

Our Dependents

Nadia: At the moment we have no dependents and we are in no hurry to have children soon. Although we hope that we will one day have children, we want to spend our time at a young age having fun.

When We Share Our Payment

Mike: As we grew up together, none of us had any money from the beginning. We didn’t really need to have a “talking fee.”

Nadia: Dating from a very young age means that you are always on the lookout for accounts of each other. We always use our money as a contract. However, we have not opened a linked bank account as it is advisable to have a variety of savings accounts.

How We Care for the Tree of Life

Nadia: The cost of our stay is not a mortgage but hotels and Airbnbs.

Mike: The misconception about globalization is that it requires a lot of money. What we have found is that if you know, you can do it for a small fee.

[Editor’s note: Nadia and Mike did not disclose their average cost of living, including average cost of Airbnb stays, gas, or permit fees.]

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How Many Times Do We Talk About Money?

Mike: Prior to COVID-19, it was important to discuss daily expenses – and how we decided which hotels to stay in, what food we could buy, and more.

Nadia: We are always on the same page about money. We are careless people, so we only use what we need. Any money we don’t need we pay back. Most people like to put up a house, but we are more comfortable selling stocks. We are waiting for a good opportunity, we are saving money or money.

What We Hide

Nadia: We do not keep any information confidential. Sometimes Mike makes ads that he forgot to tell me and I see the information available in our emails, other than that, none.

How We Learned to Spend Money

Nadia: My parents were always well-informed. Although I was raised in a good family, my mother was very smart and I learned the importance of saving money for her. They feed their family food on what was on sale that week at the supermarket without buying clothes until they had sold it. My father was a drug addict in the stock market, which is why I learned so much about money from him. I realized that my friends were not involved in the business because they were not happy with this kind of money; However, if you know when to buy and sell and sell blue cloud stocks it can be a great option.


Mike: Our family was also very economical, especially with dinner. They often cooked inexpensive meals such as potatoes and lentil stew to save money and paid a few vendors to get the best price for the Christmas rent.

Nadia: Because we all come from money-loving families, we often do not always argue about money because we are the same as saving as much money as we can.

How We Provide What Is Not Necessary

Mike: Sometimes things come. We like to save more money than we spend and we save money in the bank on a rainy day. We were driving near Atlanta recently and our tire did nothing. We spent $ 100 on a new tire, which was not in our budget of any kind. Fortunately, we were able to recover some of our savings.

What We Reserve

Mike: We still believe in our mobile blog and its potential to make money. Hopefully, one day in the future, travel will return the same amount of money.

Nadia: While some of our blogging friends are leaving their travel blogs, we are getting bigger and bigger. Given the same wisdom and sharing, we hope this is a time when you can change. While others hide their heads in the sand, we are releasing more articles in the hope that we will contribute to the project (hopefully) in the not too distant future!

all the money I earn

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