The Blogger Candiace Dillard Wished Demise On Has Died!

Khyle Paylor, a blogger known as A Black Socialites, died Wednesday, November 4, 2020, at Holy Cross Hospital in Maryland, can confirm.

Candiace Dillard’s the request was made after writing to the DMV blogger, Khyle Paylor, longing for death.

Back in August, Candiace Dillard he wrote a video showing the plot he had plotted against him Potomac’s Real Mothers co-star, Monique Samuels – but he did not stop there – they also attacked Khyle Paylor.

Candiace Dillard, 33 years old, gave part of the marathon video to harass the DMV blogger by insulting him and wishing him dead.

In the clip below from an Instagram video posted in August, Candiace Dillard singing Traditional Blacks “a very fat piece that has to die.” Then Candiace I lusted after the blogger and said “when will you die” and accused him of “just telling lies and lies.”

Candiace she later said the DMV blogger, “waits with a sigh of relief” to cover up everything she or her husband says, hoping to make a quick dollar. The 33-year-old ended his speech by telling him that “he contributes to obesity” with the money he makes “spreading lies about me and my players.” can easily explain this Candiace Dillard’s hate speech did not happen in a moment of anger – he was well aware of Khyle Paylor’s medical and found out that he had dialysis and was experiencing health problems.

Candiace man, Chris Bassett, and frequently shy, Khyle Paylor. And Chris Bassett mocked bloggers.

Chris Bassett angry over misinformation about his wife, Candiace Dillard, and I can run to the DMV blogging list of DM destructive words that has found.

Show the play below to watch.

All About Tea along with Monique Samuels and some of Khyle friends pay tribute to the last blogger on YouTube. Show the play below to watch.

From the staff to All About Tea, we send our condolences to family and friends a Khyle Paylor.

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