The $550 million megayacht idea that is formed like a shark

(CNN) – A few weeks after revealing an upcoming design concept that resembles a goose, Lazzarini Design Studio is pushing the boundaries beyond the new standard of shark.

At an astonishing 153 meters, the Prodigium is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, and has a market value of approximately $ 550 million.

The megayacht concept has its own port with a space for a second ycht up to 30 meters, as well as three swimming pools.

Its design features ancient Roman architecture, with two ornate pillars with high-quality design.

Although the seafaring and Roman architecture may seem like an inconspicuous form of the future, this represents the shark as the “king of the sea,” according to the makers.

The idea of ​​killing

Interpretation of the most recent concept of the yacht Lazzarini Design Studio Prodigium, designed as a shark.

Lazzarini Design Studio

With six steps, the Prodigium highlands, which are home to many of the seating, were designed to mimic the animal’s teeth and nose.

Both sides of the boat should have two large fins that can be an additional area of ​​the yard.

The Prodigium, which consists of three jets and twin electric motors, can reach speeds of about 22, according to Lazzarini Design Studio.

This convenient cruise ship can accommodate up to 40 guests at a time, and with three helicopters and two garages loaded with water toys, there is plenty to enjoy.

All suites are in the home area, as well as a gym, as well as one closed pool.

Prodigium is the second of six innovative ecosystems developed by Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini – the first to be developed as a swan by Avanguardia.

Ancient Roman power

Prodigium Promotion from Lazzarini Design Studio

The new concept comes with its port with enough space for a second yacht up to 30 meters.

Lazzarini Design Studio

While the project is still in its infancy, Lazzarini estimates that the ship would take at least 28 months to build if it was taken by a shipyard.

The latest impression comes as the need for superyachts continues to grow – global shipping has jumped from 3,906 vessels in 2009 to 5,646 in 2019, according to the Superyacht Group.

The market is expected to reach $ 10.2 billion by 2025 as the number of watches traveling longer than 24 meters is controlled, and manufacturers are going to make sure their ideas are bigger and better than the competition.

“The days of big yachts that look similar are long gone,” Boat International editor Stewart Campbell told CNN Travel last year.

“Owners are pulling out all the stops and complex areas for navigators and planners to make the most unique boats.”

Recent examples include Ultra2, a new 95-meter superyacht from Berlin-based T. Fotiadis Design with its own fitted room.So far, Red Yacht Design and Dykstra Naval Architects have teamed up to create an Ice Kite, an excellent superyacht concept that can be taken with a 1,700-foot kite.

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