The 19 Greatest Issues to Do in Quebec Metropolis for Households in Fall

Children are not satisfied with the experience! I don’t know if this is the case for you, but I have a hard time following my 7 and a half year old mini (half is important lol)!

What to do in the greater Quebec City area when meeting your family? Here are my best 19 jobs!

1. Picking apples

I love picking apples, and I LOVE eating them that burn like a broken apple! Check it out

Instead, picking apples can be a family affair: bringing a blanket, light food, a good bottle of wine, and having a picnic! Some orchards also have a playground for children, animals to find, and some even offer a tractor ride to entertain them!

When you combine these with a visit to the cider factory, everyone will have a great day ????

You will find orchards in the South Shore of Quebec, in St. Petersburg. Nicholas, as well as at the famous Ile d’Orleans!

This year we went to Allen-Demers Orchard, and we really enjoyed it! It’s a very nice little garden.

The Genest Farm is the most popular in young families, as it offers a lot to children.

2. Go to the Citadel in Quebec

If you love history a little, you will enjoy it even more when you visit the Quadec Citadel. If you visit the Citadel, you will discover over 300 years of history, in addition to being able to admire the magnificent landscape of Quebec City and St. Petersburg. Lawrence River.

3. Mega Park at Galeries de la Capital Shopping Center

I get frustrated when I add a shopping center list for my family activities, but if you live here, you know how popular Mega Park in Galeries de la Capital is!

Instead, Mega Park has 18 climbers, young and old.

There is also the Patinarium, a beautiful gymnasium where you can take a beautiful walk in the park.

4. Bora Stadium

Valcartier Water Park is a lot of fun! In summer, you can have a great day in the outdoor slide, and it’s fun! In winter, snow photos are great!

In terms of fall, Bora Parc, 102,000 sq ft inland water park, is the best weather. There is a large wave pool, more than 14 water slides, a family pool with a water sport, a multi-activity stream, two waves, and a dining table.

5. Aquarium in Quebec

For meat lovers, theAquarium de Québec is a must! You can admire 10,000 marine animals: fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and aquatic animals, such as walruses!

6. Samuel-de-Champlain Promenade

We love cycling at the Samuel-de-Champlain Promenade. The trail, where they can also walk, the rollerblade, also provides a number of walking areas and playgrounds that are spread here and there for children.

7. GeoRallyes across Old Quebec

Encouraged by geocaching, this activity allows us to discover many interesting places in Old Quebec.

8. Grand Marché in Quebec

For seniors and seniors, Grand Marché de Québec is always a good place to visit! You will find many foreign objects and spices there.

9. Arbraska Duchesnay

Arbraska Duchesnay is a tourist destination with a spectacular view of the Sea of ​​Joseph, and it is 30 minutes from Quebec City. There are courses for all ages, including one 7- to 11-year-old, a 1000-meter line, and a strong link for the most courageous.

10. To the south

I-Saute is an trampoline indoor park, and trust me: it’s fun for all ages !!

11. Montmorency Falls Park

If you want to see the amazing 83-meter-wide waterfalls, then Montmorency Falls Park is for you. You can also try a zip line, via a ferrata, or just take a few easy routes, not to mention the hundreds of steps you can take to reach your child’s energy level.

12. Chutes-de-la-Chaudière Park

Just minutes from Quebec City, Chutes-de-la-Chaudière park offers a number of major trails, and you can walk down the cliff!

In most of the houses, we usually live there. We love it!

13. The functions of Cyclo

Cyclo Services offers you access to my beautiful city of Quebec by bike! You can rent a bike there or go to Quebec City.

14. Maizerets Pages

Great place to go for a walk, have a picnic or take a nap in the sun! Domaine Maizerets is called “Central Park of Quebec City”, there is a beautiful playground, a public swimming pool, and a line!

15. Jacques Cartier Beach Park

And yes, Quebec City has a beach! It’s not white sand, and I don’t advise you to swim in the St. Louis River. Lawrence. But in the fall, I take a shower of all kinds of beautiful trees, easy walking or cycling, and beautiful scenery.

If you continue your journey to Cap-Rouge, you will find the place where Jacques Cartier established his first colony in 1541, and if you go a little further, you can add oil and the famous ice cream at Chocolat Favoris ????

16. Ste-Foy Pagles Market

For a fresh homemade meal, visit the Sainte-Foy Public Market!

17. The valleys of Abraham

Abraham’s valleys are great: close to the busy Grande-Allée and restaurant! It’s a great place to relax, throw a ball, and if you approach the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec, you’ll find a children’s playground (with an open summer swimming pool)

18. Family Court – Ikani Jean Béliveau

Another playground is located in Jean Béliveau Place. It’s new!

19. Beauport Lake

A few minutes north of Quebec City and the beautiful Beauport Lake. At Beauport Lake Outfitter, you have a number of fall events such as fishing, horseback riding, mountain climbing, and in the winter you can rent a snowmobile to ride on ice or even a dog ride!

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