That is how the coronavirus pandemic has affected travel bloggers

The coronavirus has severely disrupted travel and tourism activities, and travel bloggers have also been affected. We spoke to others to see how they are suffering in a world where travel is limited.

Now that travel has taken its back seat, bloggers are using this time to look for new ways to travel. Since re-using their methods to acquire new skills, they have been gradually evolving over time. While some are just walking around making food, others are making their own vegetables. Many are either changing jobs or looking for new things in the travel industry.

Advanced blogger Lakshmi Sharath takes online tutorials and goes to webinars during closing time. She’s been developing a new SEO approach on her blog, clearing up broken content, and writing about her journey last year. Sharath says the plague has given him the opportunity to do many things he doesn’t have time for. “I’ve learned a lot about the Internet. “I did a lot of research on the arts before, and took another one on Roman art and archeology,” he tells us.

The blogger had gone on a tour of the Madurai site in January, but before planning his annual tour, a disruption occurred. “I was planning to go to Russia with my friends but I didn’t stay there, so I have no regrets,” he said. Sharath also runs an online travel course, short conferences and offers discussions on a number of online platforms. He is also planning to restart his YouTube channel and make a podcast.

The epidemic has affected its finances as blogs are its only source of income and have been out of stock for some time. “Economically, yes we are all affected, but I hope things change gradually and we will get a chance,” says Sharath. They believe that bloggers create for themselves and look for new things they can do with their skills. “I use this time to hone my skills, try to gain access to the Internet, clean up my profile on LinkedIn and use the internet.”

Commenting on his blog post on COVID, Sharath said he focused on writing about his fellow travelers and the people he met during his travels. “I bring one person each month. Last week, I wrote about a bank that is now a wildlife care provider. “

He believes in the future of business. “It’s just a matter of time. After the closure, people may want to get out and go to open spaces such as the mountains, beaches, valleys and stay in small shopping malls, “Sharath says. I feel safe, ”he says.

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