Take a Retro Roadtrip’ in southern Maine by new photograph guide

‘Retro Roadtrip: Winter in Maine (and a little bit in New Hampshire)’ and a fresh look at some of the landmarks. The book, by artist Josh Hrehovcik, has just been released. Steve Hrehovcik Photo

KENNEBUNK – Josh Hrehovcik had been photographing for a while, even in sports, as he put it. About three years ago, he said, he began filming more and more.

He is not alone. Others saw his work, and one of them, Geraldine Aikman, a Kennebunk artist, photographer, photographer and photographer, saw the potential – more.

“He said I wanted to make a picture book for you,” said Hrehovcik, 55, in a recent interview.

“I first said,” you scoff, “and then I said” OK, “he recalls.

Now, six months after his first book, “Retro Roadtrip: Maine: Kittery to Portland” was published, “Retro Roadtrip, Winter in Maine (and a bit in New Hampshire)” has been released, and is available locally and online.

Singing game on a Cape Porpoise lobster tree cover, its red bows illuminating the design of wooden traps and green wrethes, and a bright snowflake that adds a touch of snow. The American flag is flying above it.

There are many other events, shot in public places, as well as an inspiring option, for those who want to visit, but have not, or who want to return.

Kennebunk artist Josh Hrehovcik has published his second book, entitled ‘Retro Roadtrip: Winter in Maine (and a bit of New Hampshire). Steve Hrehovcik Photo

Pictures of a beloved barn, or rows of leather piles set on the harbor, are fired by Hrehovcik’s imagination.

“Josh has a knack for capturing everyday objects and places he knows and makes them forget,” Aikman said. “These pictures can make you look at the winter south of Maine (and a little bit in New Hampshire) in a different way. It can also encourage you to go outside for the first snowfall and photograph yourself.

The 70-page, 8-1 / 2 “x 11” soft-cover book covers all five-dimensional shapes south of Maine and New Hampshire.

Hrehovcik said he began posting pictures of himself on Instagram – his account with @ retroroadtripper65 – to persuade his relatives in New Jersey to hang out. And according to his website, retroroadtripper.com, he is also in the race to find more Instagram followers than his brother – and he is losing.

He was fascinated by filming in the beginning, and it was a great video soon after high school.

His page gives a brief overview of his books:

“Take a beautiful trip to one of the most beautiful beaches on the mainland of Maine through photographer Joshua Hrehovcik, The Retro Roadtripper. The tour guide section, the photo section, “Retro Roadtrip: Maine” visits some of the most popular vacation destinations in Pine Tree State and also finds hidden gems. ”

The website also has the phrase “go quietly where most people have been.”

The well-known places have gemstones that are not always seen or appreciated, as people live their daily lives, he said. Through photography, Hrehocvik sees and illustrates the house in a different way.

“We live in a very special place and because I grew up here, I didn’t realize it until a while ago,” he said. “I always take my camera with me, so, on each trip, I’m more interested in using the next photo.”

His books, $ 24, are available at the Brick Store Museum, Morph Gallery and Emporium, and Mail-It Unlimited at Kennebunk and at The Wright Gallery in Cape Porpoise, and on Amazon. Pictures of each person are available on his page.

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