Suite offers: Take a look at these staycation packages at Chattanooga’s boutique inns

Tired of looking at the same four walls every day, but not ready to jump beyond the city limits? Perhaps staying at a hotel for sale in Chattanooga is what you need to recharge your batteries. With the lowest holiday destination due to the epidemic, many local hotels are promoting advertisements and packages to suit locals who want to change places.

Bode Chattanooga, which opened last year at the Clemons Building on Chestnut Street, has an Extend deal that caters to tourists at low prices. Three-night nights have one-bedroom accommodations starting at $ 512.86 for three nights, or $ 576.87 for all four nights.

Bode has a bar with fake cocktails and a good wine list; coffee shop where you can also take munchies; a small market for snacks, sodas, alcohol, wine and sweets; and 54 suite suites, dual and three bedrooms – all come with large kitchens so you can bring your own food and cook your own food to preserve the dough.

Some suites have couches and ping-pong tables, which makes the children very happy. In addition, there are recreational areas where children can use the viewing pool, ping-pong, free desk or game table, which costs $ 1. The site is very close to the Creative Discovery Museum and Tennessee Aquarium.

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Packaging packages in Chattanooga

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Although Bode does not have a public store, it is located across the street from West Village restaurants on Eighth and Chestnut streets, including Easy Bistro, Old Gilman Grill and Citron de Sel.

Local doctor Katie Gooden recently had their 6-year-old daughter, Emily, give the doctor a good time with her daughter – walking across Walnut Street Bridge, shopping on Frazier Avenue and watching movies together in their room.

“I understand very well how the Chattanoogans and Chattanooga businesses are moving in the right direction,” he says. “And it seems like a reasonable and safe way to escape from the mini. The place we went to did a very good job of hiding and conserving distance, and we did our part again.”

Chattanoogan Mary Miller Burton missed a walk outside the city. “We need more travel and transportation now than ever before in these difficult times,” he says. “Stability has helped me not to get too tired of the plague, so I think that’s what I’ve always been very happy about. That’s what I need to help me survive.”

Hotels follow the guidelines of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, but many are taking little or no measures to protect their colleagues and guests.

For example, Bode entry is inconsistent – you are not looking forward. All this is done with code via your phone. In addition, the kitchen can be served with drinks and snacks before guests arrive, so if you do not want to contact anyone while you are there, it is possible.

According to the most recent figures from the American Hotel and Lodging Association, urban hotels are the worst affected by the epidemic, with 38 percent more cities, slightly lower than the country. In Hamilton County, the epidemic has affected tourism by about 45% compared to previous years, said Barry White, CEO of the Chattanooga Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Moving in with your closest relatives or family and friends is one way to help support the local economy,” he continues.

For sleepers, it is a great way to gain strength and get all the benefits of going on vacation without going too far. Similarly, the money spent on shelter in the area helps to increase the wealth of the city, making the living space more prosperous. Here are some ideas for hotels that offer accommodation in Chattanooga.

Staff Photo by Robin Rudd / Moxy Hotel collapsed due to coronavirus epidemic. The hotel industry has lost visitors and jobs amidst blood problems.

Moxy, 1220 King St.

The use of food and entertainment and the movement of southern regions have enticed locals in The Moxy in recent months, says Kacey Swindell, chief marketing officer. “Many have reserved dinner with one of their favorite, and have now reopened, restaurants like Alleia, St. John’s or Main Street Meats with a hotel,” he says. But if you don’t want to eat, the kitchen is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the bar is open from 11 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. daily. The hotel has a problem not being too good for kids, but if you’re looking for a fun evening, you’ve found it.

* Follow This Group has a favorite package. Follow Moxy on Instagram and find the best 15% keychain in your room with your tab. Next time, unlock the keychain on the same connection. This package contains a warm welcome.

* Eat, Play with Love and a love package. Bring your sweetie, and enjoy a nice drink, a box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne and a credit card and a $ 40 drink. If you go to a party late at night, thank you 1 pm for late check-out.

* Package prices start at $ 109 per night.

* Subscribe: or 423-664-1180.

Anti-virus protection measures: Moxy is the property of the Distinctive Select Marriott and follows the guidelines adopted by Marriott and the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Moxy Chattanooga became the first in the hygiene industry since early 2019.

in other wordsSettling at the Riverview Inn on the Lookout Mountain side can include making a smomo and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa and a roaring fire in the evening. / Photo courtesy of Riverview Inn

Riverview Inn, 2159 Old Wauhatchie Pike

Built in 1935 and refurbished last year, Riverview Inn is a tourist attraction that forms part of Lookout Mountain, one of the most beautiful views of the city and the river. If you are hiking or cycling in the mountains near noon, or driving the children near Rock City or walking to Ruby Falls, adjust the power to the hot pool, then adjust your fingers to the roaring fire and breathe. Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a cup of wine in the afternoon in an old chair rocking on your porch.

* Autumn Brilliance is a two-night package designed for storage. Book two nights in a row until November 18 and receive 25% off regular prices. Packages start at $ 300 with a little overnight stay, plus taxes. Hot breakfast and Wi-Fi are included, so bring your laptop home.

* To read: or call 423-821-8619.

* Viral protection measures: Riverview Inn has improved sanitation, says Jonathan Ryan. The whole area is cleaned several times a day, and staff members inspect it daily and wear masks. According to local law, all visitors must have a face mask to gain access to any nearby place or group. All the morning activities are packed at once. And a pool can accommodate up to 10 people.

in other wordsIn the 2018 file photo, Read House is shown in downtown Chattanooga after a $ 25 million renovation of the luxury hotel was recently made. / Picture of a stick

Library, 107 WML King Blvd.

The oldest hotel in Downtown received a face and finger – completed in 2018 – and now has 241 guest rooms, including room No. 311 which is said to be preserved by the spirit of Annalisa Netherly who, according to legend, was beheaded by a jealous lover in the 1920s. Now she floats for almost 100 years, and you can have her in a room, but you probably won’t do much work. If you expect the job to be completed during your stay, create a Remote Office package, designed for those who are available to work or study remotely due to the current weather.

“We hope it is an opportunity to entertain local guests who are in need of new ‘beauty’ by providing them with the essentials for their activities,” said Kris Altman, chief executive. “Obviously, with so many schools offering a choice of classroom options, we believe this opportunity will open up for not only the users but also the entire family to use it.”

Children and adults will enjoy the indoor pool – cultural guidelines should be followed. Read House has two dining options – Bar and Billiards Bar with food and refreshments every day from 3 to 7 pm; and Bridgeman’s Chophouse with a list of multiple fish and beef options.

* Remote packages during the week provide early entry and late exit; gigabit valid Wi-Fi; with a $ 25 daily billing fee. Prices start at $ 139 per night.

* Registration: or 423-266-4121.

* Viral protection measures: Masks are legal in hotel rooms, and there are many accommodations that prevent guests from staying up all night. Ordinary areas are cleaned once an hour, and the rooms are cleaned, sanitized and sealed at all times. There is no need to ring the bell or help the girls. Workers are not allowed to enter rooms where guests live.

in other wordsIn this 2018 file photo, Whitebird home designer Catie Crawford works at her location inside The Edwin Hotel. / Picture of a stick

Edwin, 102 Walnut St.

With a catbird seat on the Tennessee River overlooking the historic Bridge Bridge, The Edwin makes it an unforgettable experience. Walk through the Art Bluff View Section and walk through the Sculpture Garden; has exhibited at the Hunter Museum of American Art; or visit a fine group of Anna Safley Houston glasses at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Houston. All this within Edwin’s throwing of a stone.

* Family Adventure Package is an experience that demonstrates the visit of the Lula Lake Land Trust with its waterfalls and lakes – guides, snacks, water and towels involving two adults and two children. You will also receive a $ 30 meal voucher for Providence coffee and one gift of Muscle Therapy at Ama Spa at the hotel. The package is available Monday through Thursday night until December, with selected dark days, and should be booked 14 days in advance. Prices start at $ 519 per family.

* For publication: or 423-713-5900.

* Anti-virus protection: In addition to cleaning all hard surfaces and all hidden workplaces, there is no more room to stay in, plus work, but you can also get dinner from Whitebird, the hotel starting room, and take them to your room.

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