Suggestions that will help you travel secure for the vacations

Medical authorities say that staying home is the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19. But if you need to fly this holiday season, Consumer Reports has tips to help you stay safe at 35,000 feet.

Although it seems that more people will stay this year than during the holidays, if you want to fly in November or December, there is always the possibility of a full flight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as airplanes have confirmed that many viruses and other germs do not spread easily during air travel due to air circulation and filtering on aircraft. But Consumer Reports remains concerned about the principles of the mask and the malfunction of the aircraft.

What about the airport? There are a lot of places, especially in small and old airports, where diversity is very difficult. Some airports are responding to this problem with the help of new technologies, such as autonomous power systems. Also known as e-gates, they help to reduce human contact and reduce stress.

CR says there are many other ways to save you and your family, and some of them start bleeding before you make a plane. Call an airplane to see if it secures an empty interior seat, and ask them how it helps to wear masks. Then check back in advance if possible

Also, check out if you can book a flight early in the morning, because CR says that’s where the flights are. If you are traveling at 6:30 am, you are probably boarding a plane that has just been thoroughly cleaned.

CR says if you are planning a holiday trip, try a simple reservation if you want to leave on the last day. Try to avoid travel that prohibits change or that cannot be refunded, and look for “free cancellations” or “save now, pay later” when booking a hotel.

If all of this sounds too risky or too complicated, consider avoiding the trip altogether and opting for a vacation instead.

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