Staycation increase in Wales as holidaymakers guide journeys to Tenby and Llandudno after lockdown

WALES is facing reservations on holiday after a 17-day firefighting expired yesterday.

The country, while following some restrictions, now allows people to meet in small groups, as well as home holidays.


The Welsh residence is already in the process of finalizing their closureMoney: Alamy

Tour operators are also looking at reservations – Matthew Sutton, who owns two Welsh travel agencies, said he had already seen them in stores.

He said: “It’s great to be back and open up and see customers coming in who are happy to book a place.

“We expected this to be busy but we didn’t expect it.”

The reservation of Tenby and Llandudno land was a well-known option, he said, with families looking to secure their residences, while others left on November 20.

It is a pity that everyone in England is unable to go on holiday – the closure outside Wales continues until December 2.

Anyone in England will not be able to visit Wales, due to the closure that occurs


Anyone in England will not be able to visit Wales, due to the closure that occursMoney: Getty Images – Getty

Entry to Wales from England is not permitted, due to closure.

Accommodation has been on the rise for most of the year in 2020 due to travel restrictions and restrictions.

Many of the camps and resorts were sold this summer, while others have a record year.

This continues next year – travel experts have warned families to save money now or lose out on opportunities.

Not only are prices expected to rise in price, but they should be available in small quantities due to reservation in advance and families who have decided to move their 2020 vacation to 2021.


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Sam Smith Travel owner Suzanne Cumpston said: “We have reached a point where people are overcrowded and lack expectations, which is why we are saving up for pre-season savings.

“Workers with 2022 sales are getting better.”

TUI has launched their summer plan for 2022, two years ahead.

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