Staycation Expertise at CGH Earth Mantra Koodam in Kumbakonam

We now live in difficult times where there are no jobs, living in our own homes for safety, and most of all people are homeless and living in some of the places we dreamed of going to in 2019 or years ago.

Living in a city is another thing that we just have in concrete these days, we love to miss nature and we think of going to this beautiful place and one such place is CGH Earth Mantra Koodam.

Located in Veppathur, Kumbakonam, the CGH Earth Mantra Koodam is a place of God created as ‘agraharam’ – a Brahmin road with ‘illams’ (houses). Once you get in here you may be scared to enter where the school is already. It is a place where cultures, communities, and traditions are intertwined. When you enter you can hear the bell ringing which is another different skill

The small houses here are traditionally made in Tamilia with large terraces, Athangudi tiles on the floor, Burmese door decorations and public baths. Traveling all over the country you will find evergreen coconut groves, temples and shrines that make you feel great here.

I was privileged to be here for a living job and believe that in the midst of nature I was calm and I felt refreshed while I was here. There are two ways to stay here which is Mantra Cottage and Mantra Illam. Both areas have Athangudi tires, teak doors, and beautiful squares. Ideal for family living spaces The space has warmth and comfort. The comfort, convenience, and feel of the house is what defines the living space here.

CGH Mantra Koodam has Mantra Tea Kadai which is a restaurant and restaurant where you get a traditional and unique taste of Cholanadu diet. All foods prepared here are safe, careful, and contain other flavors such as sweet, spicy, spicy, and spicy. Every meal here is made up of centuries-old traditions that have been in place for generations and the chefs here are perfect over time.

Thanks to the Covid-19, the hotel has been instrumental in addressing some of the security requirements in accordance with the state norms and standards adopted. From the safety of staff to every visitor is required to follow the height of the space, all communal areas such as doors, handles, and kitchen utensils are regularly cleaned.

Special care is provided at the restaurant where one needs to remove the mask when they have food so the restaurant is arranged where two families cannot be close to each other. Seating arrangements take place in the way in which the seats are pre-arranged according to the distant conditions. The food is well prepared with a focus on safety and hygiene. Workers take extra precautions by feeding us food.

Everywhere it was fun when I was at CGH Earth Mantra Koodam as the place was within nature and bought the memories of the old schools.

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