Staycation at Sheraton Grand Whitefield Put up Covid-19

After 6 months before I did not leave home for a trip or other promotional event that kept me busy for years, I had the privilege of staying at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield which is one of the starting points of the hotel and conference in Bangalore.

As a result of the epidemic, India has been disrupted since March 23 and the number of cases is increasing in May / June, the Karnataka government decided to do more to block the action so we did not travel until the end of August.

But things began to slow down in August as travel bans were lifted, segregation days were shortened and more laws were enacted and gradually as businesses began to open they faced another challenge in which confidence from consumers.

As a result of the epidemic, Tourism had a major accident and Airlines and accommodation were severely affected as they witnessed millions of people every day but due to the failure and fear Covid-19 people stay at home and try to stay healthy.

However, someday, everyone will travel and why would they want a place with a better way to live in a new environment where they adhere to hygiene, cleanliness according to hospital standards and remember government regulations? It’s at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield.

The Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center is one of the first hotels in Bangalore South and is located close to several offices. I recently had time to sleep at the hotel. Although I am skeptical when I receive a lot of information about where they live, I rely on the hotel because it follows the hygiene and cleanliness that is so important for people to stay.

At the Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Conference, you will carefully check the temperature shortly before entering the hotel. Goods that you bring should be cleaned and sanitized before you enter and carry your luggage and protective products. You go to the reception area when you first notice that the accommodation and other places where people live in groups were printed and live 2ft away. During the next visit, you will stand at a distance from the receptionist who will give you a valid note to sign in front of you.

Since hygiene and cleanliness are important, many cleaners are installed and you will be asked to take a shower before going to the room you want to live in. Sheraton has a habit of keeping the room in a room for 24 hours after a customer checks, in the meantime the room is thoroughly cleaned of items that are in the hospital. All cleaning tools are color-coded to prevent contamination during cleaning. The material is thoroughly cleaned and dried, the pillows and other surfaces are first cleaned with an anti-bacterial / anti-virus solution and then a hot water spray that kills the world’s major viruses.

Common items in the hotel room such as the TV Remote, AC Remote, shelves, doors and handles are wiped with disinfectant to prevent any damage and accidents to the new customer.

Arrangements have been made for the hospitality and hospitality of the guests and the Restaurant is well-maintained and interactive where tables and chairs are set up at a distance, utensils and cutlery are cleaned by food processors. All ordered food is cleaned and washed with veggies and then placed in hot water to clean, the cut is cleaned and handled and does not use cut dishes that are washed, keeping them clean for 24 hours before serving to consumers.

The meeting places here are very large and even the social network can accommodate a large number of people. All chairs, tables are cleaned and arranged in a consistent manner. Large meeting places are suitable for meetings and any other activities and can be booked here without fear.

A number of security measures are also entered before entering the hotel where the hotel’s walkway has a security barrier between drivers and customers, hinges such as door handles, window sills, wheelchairs, seat belts are cleaned after each trip, common hotel use areas such as doors. , the railway and many such sites are frequently cleaned.

By using these precautions, a person can live without fear of contracting the virus. My most recent set of observations on personal hygiene and other security measures was followed at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center. If you want to go to Bangalore without worrying about staying here, I encourage you to stay here.

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