Standing of Unity opens to most people from October 17

On the first day of Navratri, the Gujarat statue of Unity was unveiled to the public. Six months later the Gujarat government will reopen the site in Narmada.Thanks for the photos:

Statue of Unity is the world’s tallest statue in Kevadia and was shut down for six months due to the covid-19 epidemic and the closure announced by the central government. And from 17 October onwards it was opened to only 2500 tourists to be allowed to come every day and only 500 are allowed to watch. This was accomplished by the laws and regulations followed by the government where communication between the people was.

According to reports, there will be a minimum of 5 two-hour entry hours each day. Only 500 guests will be allowed to enter the venue and only 100 will be allowed to go to the 193m exhibition space. The guest will be allowed to enter the venue according to the ticket purchased.

Starting location starts at 08:00 am and the final location is set at 04:00 pm. Visitors planning to visit the site should purchase online tickets available at Hand tickets cannot be issued so tickets are required to be purchased on the official page.

All COVID-19 regulations will be followed when hand washing, public hygiene, and wearing masks must be followed by guests. Special transit buses will be provided to visitors through the government. In addition, officials have opened the Ana Nutrition and Jungle safari park from October 10 onwards. Visitors can also choose to visit the site if it is not a Statue of Unity.

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