Spooky Google streetview sighting finds ‘witch trial’ previous

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October 30, 2020 07:43 PM

The path to decay has a dark, new history. Photo / Aleks Marinkovic, Unsplash

Ghost hunters may be encouraged to stay home for now, but that hasn’t stopped them from destroying Google because of ghouls.

In the quiet corner of Texas, just outside Martha Chapel Cemetery, Google Street view has taken the ghost unnoticed. Maybe two.

The wooden road outside Huntsville is pretty impressive. Along the way, the cemetery road looks like a long road that runs through the jungle. Until you get a little closer.

Look a little closer.  .  .  Image / Provided, GoogleLook a little closer. . . Image / Provided, Google

Looking behind the trunk of a tree with dangerous eyes. These eyes are for what looks like an uninterested child. (Or maybe it’s a ggg-ghost?) The guides who saw the man also said they looked like shining children.

However, some of the sleeves on the internet have gone further, suggesting that there may be some spirit in the image. Through the walls of the tomb wire appears a black shape. The darkened image seems to move along the stone lines. Fun as.

Is it in the wild?  Image / Provided, GoogleIs it in the wild? Image / Provided, Google

In the meantime someone might say that the image comes up with a certain level of reliability (and the limits of Google zoom function). What may or may not be the spirit of the Texan is often a leaf attached to a wire fence. However, it is not the image with the Google ghosts that has been corrupted but the history of the page.

Ghost hunters have become trawlin Streetview.  Image / Provided, GoogleGhost hunters have become trawlin Streetview. Image / Provided, Google

The road to one of the oldest places in Texas has a well-known name.

The street, built in the 1830’s, is known as “Demons’ Road” according to the local Houston Chronicle.

The street earned the nickname because of “disturbing experiences, as well as fearful thoughts that sweep anyone who would dare to disturb the ghosts are said to be delayed,” according to local tour guide Dana Goolsby.

Historian and blogger Cristian Williams says the old country road was named after him. At the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s there was a fear that “the evil covenant of satanic worshipers summons demons to the grave,” according to Williams.

The local high school also received a warning from the County Sheriff about the road.
During this time Texas and other parts of the US were swept away by the evils of satanic worship, with police being given seminars of “conspiracy” and trained to recognize satanic images as “signs of crime”. According to Vox.com there were more than 22 superstitions linked to “satanic traditions” in the 1980’s and 90’s.

Many of those affected by the “Witchcraft of Salem” in the 20th century continue to be in prison for many years according to The Guardian, although some have changed this since then.

While there were some real evils for those involved, some of the most entertaining are just the myths and legends of the cities.

Ghost hunters and bloggers would be busy with the site and stories of children with “bright eyes”.

The post – which Goolsby also refers to – is “a strange, faceless, threatening creature that is said to be visible to other people.”

But. then, it can only be a leaf in the fence.

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