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November 8, 2020 7:00:23 am

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COVID-19: An Outbreak, and How to Prevent It

Deborah Mackenzie

Mackenzie, a science journalist, has been writing about infectious diseases for 30 years and its strengths are reflected in the book on the COVID-19 epidemic. It starts with the source of SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes the disease, and goes on to explain how such an infectious disease develops and why in the past, such as the 2002 SARS epidemic, has been a matter of chance. The final chapter is very useful, as it provides a way forward, as well as other ways to make a profit on clinical research.

Ten Lessons for Plague
Fareed Zakaria

What should the world be like after this difficult time? This is an important question that journalist Zakaria wants to answer in his new book, where he leaves out many ideas about political, economic and social solutions that really work. What he reveals reflects our cherished ideals – the free market, the “meritocracy” and others – as well as the hope of redemption.

Transmission Laws

Adam Kucharski

While Kucharski, a British pathologist, demonstrates the history of the various media outlets in history, in this book, he is not as interested in pathogens as well as in the circulation of networks and media. It makes for a thrilling story by exposing the secret laws of human nature that can make it easier to cope with the inevitable epidemic.

Plague Age, 1817-1920: How It Changed India and the World
Chinmay Tumbe

The history of infectious diseases is often written from Eurocentric or the West, and do a lot of research on how all groups have been affected by major epidemics of the past. Chinmay Tumbe’s book is a solution to this conflict because it focuses on the cholera, epidemics and influenza that have affected India. Through oral history, statistics, photographs and reports, Tumbe writes an article that gives these challenges a clear picture.
As the numbers of COVID-19 continue to rise in India, the book provides valuable information on how to access modern education.

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