South Korea resort apologizes after honeymooners uncover folks can see into mirrored sauna

(CNN) – A well-known South Korean hotel has apologized for a mistake that would have caused outsiders to see their sauna.Grand Josun, the new five-star site on the famous Jeju Island, made a statement on their page after a local blog also reported that sauna blinds had been part of the day, making it possible for people to see women’s sauna areas off the street.

“We are deeply saddened by the inconvenience caused to our customers by using some of the women’s baths on Grand Josun Jeju Hill due to the lack of glass on some windows and [problems in] moving the skin, “read the document, dated February 18th.

“The sauna work has been suspended and we are investigating the defect and taking immediate action to rectify it.”

The hotel explained that special coatings allow people to see the sauna during the day, but it does not work the same at night, which is why blind people have to go down as soon as it starts to darken.

A Korean blogger wrote about his experience while staying at a hotel, which first became available after it was posted on February 15.

“I went to have fun going to Jeju Island and staying in the dining room at a five-star hotel that had just opened but my festive time was the worst in my life,” wrote the blogger, explaining that he and his wife enjoyed using the pool and sauna.

He adds: “On my last day I went for a walk but when I looked at the sauna windows I realized that I could see inside the sauna from the outside. I could see the thermometer inside the sauna through the windows. , walkway, parking lot and even balconies in hotel rooms.

“My wife and I were shocked to discover this. The thought of maybe using the bathrooms and showers in front of a crowd gives me a cold and we are getting help.”

According to the Yonhap News Agency of Korea, Seogwipo police were called in when visitors began complaining about hotel staff. The hotel manager was out of town on Lunar New Year’s holiday, the blogger said.

Police are now passing CCTV footage to see if anyone has been seen using the site or if someone is taking illegal photos or video outside.

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, steam and dry sauna rooms are closed, but most tubes have remained open and closed. With the country’s borders closed to non-residents and antitrust laws in place, many Koreans have opted for home holidays this year.

Pictured above: View from the beach on Hamdeok beach on the South Korean island of Jeju on August 24, 2020. (Photo by Daniel De Carteret / AFP via Getty Photos)

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