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Holiday holidays are a winter solstice for many, but travel that is fraught with distractions this year, could skiing be affected? In addition, if they go further, what will life on the slopes and restaurants look like? spoke to Estelle Giraudeau from Club Med who is on vacation to give her travel advice.

Giraudeau, UK & Northern Europe MD of Club Med, explained that skiing, due to their alfresco culture, and the best options right now, plus, the British should not go too far to get on the slopes.

“The slowdown in Europe benefits from a long-term vacation, which comes with a number of modes of travel and ultimately makes customers stay longer out, making it one of the best winter vacation options,” he said.

In addition, the operating system is using a number of anti-COVID methods.

“Ski slopes are working hard to clear the slopes and slopes,” Giraudeau said.

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“Rules should vary from country to country but the basic rules should be simple, such as wearing masks on the carrying lines, as well as in cable and lifting seats, a distance of 1.5 meters, a reduction of cloud traffic and a more outdoor look after the ski, where there is space most providers only shipping and shipping, ”explained Giraudeau.

“Ski areas will be developing alternatives and directions closer to the opening of the season.”

Club Med has taken a number of measures designed to protect anyone from undermining the holidays.

“For example, our space should be open to normal and provide the necessary compliance with our ‘Safe Together’ approach,” Giraudeau said.

Don’t need to

“We’re going to have a long time to open the restaurant, with a good distance between the tables.

“Our buffets will be sponsored by our partners, and we continue to give our guests the opportunity to choose and cuisine from all over the world – which we know is a favorite of Club Med.

“We’ve also developed digital tools to support other aspects of vacationers, such as accessing the internet and storing ski equipment and training, meaning that no physical line is needed.”

Club Med has also set up their own hygiene practices – and Giraudeau encourages you to check out the procedures at your reserve before boarding.

Giraudeau added: “All participants have been at the forefront of the Covid-19 security measures.

“For example, Club Med has introduced COVID-19 insurance which means that if you become ill with COVID-19 while traveling, all medical expenses are paid in addition to medical expenses when you go to the hospital, GP appointments, COVID-19 tests, travel expenses.

“Unfortunately if you are asked to go to the hospital, insurance will also cover the cost of having a partner, accompanying the children and immediate evacuation if necessary.

“In addition, all customers who are due to leave on December 31, 2020, have the right to arrange their free reservation and choose a departure date up to 12 months from the first day of the visit.”

Club Med also guarantees that all customers who have a chance to get a refund can receive it within 14 days.

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