Small Gatherings Unfold the Virus, however Are They Inflicting the Surge?

A survey of about 800 nursing homes in six countries experiencing major surges, including North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, has found that these homes are still hot spots of infection and have not occurred since spring to eliminate accidents.

It is impossible to compare special contributions to social gatherings with the number of cases in different countries, or even to find a coherent meaning of a conference.

Rhode Island, which cuts a special gathering of 10 people, correctly defined the name, including family gatherings, birthday parties, youth parties and accommodations. But some countries also hold major events, such as weddings and funerals, in the same way.

These meetings, especially when held indoors, can be dangerous. In rural Maine, a 55-guest wedding brought 177 cases, while a wedding in Washington State led to at least 17. Explosions in social media, such as the Amish and Hasidic Jews, were also aided by major party events.

But the same can be said of small secret conversations with friends and relatives. In Colorado, there are only 81 cases of social unrest, compared with 4,000 from prisons, 3,300 from colleges and universities, about 2,400 from residential areas, and 450 from restaurants, bars. , casinos and bowling fences.

In Louisiana, public events make up only 1.7 percent of the 3,300 cases reported by the government.

“It’s important to provide good public health advice on what’s going on in the holidays, no doubt,” said Drs. Tom Inglesby, director of the Center for Health Security at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “But it is not fair to say that this is now the cause of the spread.”

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