Skyroam Solis X Overview: The Final Travel WiFi Hotspot

With the Skyroam global hotspot, there are no hidden charges, other than the initial charge. You pay for everything you use, which is good because I don’t like to get locked up in contracts.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the price for each subscription:

Monthly Subscription ($ 99USD)

Monthly Subscription Unlimited with your Skyroam WiFi service updates automatically every 30 days at a cost of $ 99USD.

You can cancel at any time, but make sure you do so within 4 days from the scheduled pre-arranged date, otherwise registration will cost you $ 99USD next month.

GoDATA subscription ($ 9USD per month)

Subscribing to Skyroam GoDATA means that you receive only 1 gigabyte in your Skyroam account for $ 9 per month.

If 1 GB is not enough, you can buy extra gigabytes anytime you want. You also have the opportunity to allow for a self-respecting recovery, which is why it fills up the amount of GB when you want your account to be zero.

Once again, you can register at any time, but make sure you do so within four days from the date you will have your car repaired in some other way because if you do not return the charge.

Global Daypass ($ 9USD per day)

Once you purchase the Global Daypass, you will have internet connection to Skyroam for 24 hours for only $ 9USD.

Your data is unlimited so you will not run out of other limits, however, its speed can vary depending on where it is and how it is used. The more time you spend on WiFi connection, the slower you can slow down, especially if you use cloud-based backup or streaming services.

Skyroam is not designed for strong advertising like Netflix or YouTube!

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