Skye: Coo Clayton’s inspiration for her new guide

A small village of Torrin on the banks of the Loch Slapin. It is located at Skye, between Elgol and Broadford.

Why do you go there?

Complete escape, calm and quiet. The scenery to Blaven and the other Cuillin Mountains is amazing.

How often do you go?

Insufficient. It would be a little walk with three kids. We usually went before we were children.

How did you find it?

Tina – me and my husband – went for the first time in 2004. We had to drive a river in some waves to get to the house. It was personal and magical.

What do you like to remember?

The house came with its own secret leather. We spent many hours looking at the top of the loch and never saw an otter.

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I remember going back to my apartment to sit by the fire and warm up and that’s when my husband asked. The word “Skye” is written on my ring to commemorate this special day.

Who do you take?

I have taken my sister and my brother-in-law to the same house. I fondly remember being together, cooking a delicious roast meal, and preparing an unexpected meal.

What do you take?

Boats with fur hats during the day, plus plenty of wine and cheese for a fun night out.

Maggie’s Magical Islands author Coo Clayton

What do you leave out?

Noise. When we arrived, it was the first thing I noticed. Lack of sirens, car horns and bus engines – I hear all the time in Edinburgh where I live.

Summarize in five words.

Gentle, magical, immovable, breathless and wild.

How has it inspired your writing?

Skye is one of the places to be found in my recent book, Maggie’s Magical Islands, about a young girl who loves to visit Scotland and start a vacation trip to the island with mysterious maps and an old mansion.

What travel destinations do you want?

We love to find new places in Scotland and recently visited the Summer Islands near Ullapool.

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The beaches, food and people on the shore are all amazing. Islay is one of the islands where I have heard and read a lot. It’s at the top of my list “I have to go”.

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