Six locations we will not wait to go to once more

From gorgeous socks and medinas that explode with energy to the volcanic islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the tallest sand dunes inviting visitors, these six places heat up our travels over and over again. That’s why we can’t wait to get back!

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Author: Christian

We can no longer wait to see our beautiful country: to discover new cities, to climb unknown mountains, to taste foreign spices, and to hear things we have never heard before. But most of all, we are dying to get back to the things we once loved.

We make a list of our favorites that arouse our curiosity and burn our imagination. Come check them out with us from your bed, and maybe even add them to your list!

A place we can’t wait to visit again


Hassan II Mosque of Casablanca - where we can't wait to visit


Why we need Morocco

Morocco it is the dream of a traditional traveler. Just imagine the walled cities, medinas like labyrinths, and at the heart of it all, is a souk full of beauty where scenic landscapes, voices, and spices meet. You could spend a lot of time exchanging good prices with happy shop owners. Afterwards, a duck in a beautiful tagine restaurant tossed with a Moroccan photo seeds seeds.

More than just fortified cities, Morocco is known for its beauty coastal villages turned cities across the Atlantic Ocean, such as Essaouira or Asilah near Tangier. Nearby, a blue house awaits you in Chefchaouen, where winding, bumpy roads run through hides and hammam baths. Settling on top of the Rif Mountains, in the 15th century Kasbah, or fortress, is unquestionably visible in Chefchaouen, facing the city from its main square. And for fun seekers who can be much different than building a camp like Bedouin under the stars The Sahara Desert, or visitation Berber villages which has changed slightly over time.

What to expect

  • Climbing the mountains of the High Atlas
  • Walking on Chefchaouen streets painted blue
  • Riding in piles of sand on a jeep and watching the sunset over the Sahara Desert

Get to know Morocco from your bed

Take the BBC’s Rick Stein to Morocco and accompany him to the country’s socks: Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes – Bazaars in Morocco

My trips to Morocco: Living on old streets and old palaces, some of which were built as early as the 17th century! Morocco gives you the best place to live! I really like the Karawan Riad in Fez and Selman in Marrakech.

Mauritius - a place we can't wait to visit


Why we need Mauritius

Have you ever dreamed of a hammer under the shade of a palm tree swaying in the ocean? We have been craving the feeling of soft sand beneath our feet, sleeping in the sound of the waves, and exploring what is probably one of the best places on earth for water. Green volcanic islands of the a Mauritius sleeping between Indian Ocean and offers a true tropical paradise for island lovers. The country is well-known for its beautiful beaches, but there is much to see and do, for example, that has never happened Black River Georges National Park where a variety of animals and animals live. In addition, some high-end hotels have been able to implement security measures for a later trip on the Coronavirus, such as Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa, who Safe Zone volunteer program and improve health and hygiene practices, as well as private, clean areas for guests.

Pictured at the top of Le Morne Brabant Mountain is a blue pool, MauritiusDiscover the beautiful beaches in MauritiusMeet some of Aldabra Giant’s last rabbits at La Vanille National ParkSee Earth Earth Colors Seven – a unique feature of southwestern MauritiusDive into the waters around Mauritius on a scooter to discover a beautiful, hidden world


  • Walking through the plantations of the Pamplemousses
  • Meetings with some of the last Rabbit Giant rabbits in La Vanille
  • Shoe storage at the island’s resort, such as the Seasense Boutique Hotel

My trips to Mauritius: Mauritius is a very special place! It is the only place in the world where you can ride a special Subscooter in the water and float above the water bed and see 360 ​​degrees. As a result, swimmers can also experience this beautiful underwater world.

Namibia - Six great places we can't wait


Why we need Namibia:

Are we dreaming? The eternal wilderness of a The Namib Sandy Sea and Sossusvlei with its dry acacia, the impressive stones of Fish Canyon River, and the amazingly moving Skeleton Coast shipping cemetery Namibia of the place is amazing, beautiful and charming, often just left wondering: does it really exist?

Few places on earth are anything but a figment of the imagination. Using its name from the ancient desert, Namib, it has a unique landscape where you can see wildlife mixed with the desert, meet the Himba tribe far and wide, and head out into the far, unknown places. As one of the safest areas in the contract with low crime and health risks, what better place than Namibia on a long, clear journey?

What to expect

  • A delicious meal and a cold drink in the rustic-chic Beerhouse
  • Lunch with the Himba people
  • A sports car in the picturesque area of ​​Damaraland

Get to know Namibia from your bed

In a special episode of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond face the Skeleton Coast with huge piles of sand on a 1,000-mile journey over coastal cars! For jaw dropping points and some magic from the Top Gear trio, check out the Amazon Prime experience here.

My trips to Namibia:The Namib Dune Star Camp Camp has a very special experience: Lay your bed on your porch and spend the night under the starry sky in Africa!


Sunset-at-Kiyomizu-dera-Temple-and-cherry-bloom-season-Kyoto-Japan-Asia - a place we can't wait to visit


Why we need Japan

Japan and a surprisingly different color. The past has a future, the zen temples roam the city with beautiful tall buildings, and the fascinating parts of Tokyo are just a short distance from boarding the Shinkansen train as far away from natural sites as the Hakone. The food has been upgraded to art and has been listed as a UNESCO World Intangible Heritage. The bedrooms impress guests with their unique craftsmanship. The ancient exhibits of art and culture in museums and on all streets, ancient traditions have flourished – in tea houses, geisha temples, samurai palaces, and mountain palaces. Japan is an international one, and we can’t wait to go back and experience special things.


Get to know Japan from your bed

Probably no other artist has skillfully explored the ideas of other worldly things that Japan has promoted such as “Lost in Translation”. Also present are Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, winner of the award old-fashioned is one that you can monitor over and over again. Get your copy on Amazon Prime.

My trips to Japan: Learn the secrets of making swords in Japan, have a meal with a geisha or go to a special tea ceremony in a traditional house – in Japan you can expect experiences that provide insight into the culture.

Rice and river farm, Ninh Binh, Vietnamese settlement - where we can't wait to visit


Why we need Vietnam:

Food! We want to board the Vespa right now and take a flight from the kitchen to the kitchen to try out all the good food, as many of our guests enjoy in Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City. And there it is Vietnam floating markets, Mekong River, Halong Bay City with its powerful karst rocks, and a beautiful beach where you can relax and unwind in some of the most beautiful Vietnamese resorts, such as Poulo Condor Resort and Spa.


  • Blessings and monk at a traditional ceremony in Hue
  • Visit the dollhouses in Hanoi to see the art of history
  • Learning the secrets of Vietnamese cuisine in a chef’s class with a typical chef

Examples Vietnam in your home

If you missed Vietnam, what about cooking a plate of pho at home? It may not be exactly the same as what you experienced at a Vietnamese restaurant, but the fresh and delicious aroma adorns your tastes! For those of you who are curious about getting into this restaurant, here’s a quick recipe: Express Pho Bo.

My trips to Vietnam: What about dinner at the former US embassy building, along with traditional dances? Expect, generously supporting Vietnamese cuisine, loud music and magic!

a place we can’t wait to visit

Sri Lanka

Why we need Sri Lanka:

More than 2,500 elephants are eight UNESCO World Heritage sitesdense forests, golden beaches, and rolling hills – a few other countries offer a variety of experiences as is the case in Sri Lanka and in a very short time! You can leave Sigiriya Fortress for Trincomalee beaches in less than four hours. The Tooth Temple in Kandy is also a few hours’ walk from Galle Fort and its surrounding beaches. They can be a tiger in the morning and tea plantations in the Highlands in the evening – before you know it, you will be in the next protected area. Thanks to this proximity, you can see everything the teardrop island offers and still have plenty of time to relax on its beautiful beach.


  • The admiration for artwork created by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa is a masterpiece in architecture
  • Rehabilitation with yoga, meditation, and adequate support in the Ayurvedic outlets
  • It meets one of the best parties in Asia, Kandy Perahera

Example Sri Lanka in your home

The kind-hearted curry not only fills you up, but also soothes your mood (until it’s done!): Try the Dhal Curry Vegetable Secret at home!

My trips to Sri Lanka: Stand in one of the five bungalows on the Ceylon Tea Trail. Enjoy a Ceylon red tea cup and see the tea plantations from the famous colonial house and enjoy a tour of the Central Highlands!

That is one of the places we cannot wait to visit again. Contact us for support from programs from 50+ regions across Asia, Africa, Latin America, Antarctica, Europe, and Oceania.

The world is waiting. Start planning for your next dream trip with professionals you can trust.

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