Singapore’s Royal Caribbean cruise turns again after passenger exams constructive for Covid-19

(CNN) – The Royal Caribbean submarine has returned to the port in Singapore after a man investigated a Covid-19.The Quarter of the Seas had a three-day, four-day “cruise to nowhere” tour around Singapore and departed from the Marina Bay Cruise Center on December 7. The trip was part of a well-known rehabilitation program in Singapore amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Royal Caribbean has confirmed to CNN that a passenger on the ship was tested for the virus. The passenger, whose name has not been released, is an 83-year-old man who joined the crew when he started having diarrhea.

In a series of high-profile tests, the sea level rose to inform Singapore officials of the issue and return to the port. Visitors are not permitted to disembark until they have completed all their requirements.

The man was taken to a hospital in Singapore. The remaining 1,679 people and 1,148 co-workers will be tested for coronavirus, even if they are not in contact with a patient rider, and are not allowed to disembark until they have adverse effects.

Until then, everyone was invited to stay in their own home, and food and other necessities were provided for them.

“We have worked closely with the government to find a way to test and monitor all visitors and staff and adhere to good health practices,” said a Royal Caribbean representative. “The fact that we have been able to quickly identify this one case and take immediate action is a sign that the system is working as it was designed.”

“The well-being and safety of locals, as well as passengers and co-workers is paramount. All passengers are tested before the Covid-19 test, and hygiene and safety are established throughout their journey,” he said. he added.

The ship was operating 50%. All passengers are required to provide proof of Covid-19 incorrect testing to board and wear masks whenever they are outside their staterooms. Only Singaporeans are allowed to buy tickets for the trip, and co-workers around the world have spent 14 days sweeping the state to get rid of work.

As an alternative to cleanliness, fresh air flows more frequently on ships, the Royal Caribbean said.

Sea Round started in 2015 until most games. On-board features include more cars, a bionic bar with an iPad call, a skydiving simulator and 19 restaurants, plus one with the “Alice in Wonderland” theme. It took $ 1 billion to make and wear.

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