Saudi Arabia picks up tourism after lockdown restrictions have been eased

Saudi Arabia, after resting on its home tourism restrictions, has been growing rapidly and plans to make a rapid return to international tourism since early 2021.

The Saudi Arabian government has been planning to open foreign tours since January 2021 as the kingdom and its 20-member financial group prepare to resume international travel.

“If the nations today open their borders, we will be able to run fast, and this is the order,” said Al-Khateeb, Crown’s chief adviser Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “We hope the people want to move and will continue to travel, but we want countries to agree on what they are doing.”

With the plague, Saudi Arabia closed its borders since March and this hampered the government’s plan to extend its travel operations for six months. The government allowed foreign visitors to enter, but the visitors fell and the increase in domestic tourism reduced the number of tourists.

With tourism as part of the monarchy planning to diversify its oil-based economy, due to the epidemic the system was suspended and led to unemployment as the World Travel and Tourism Council predicted 100 million job losses.

Al-Khateeb says what the tourism industry is doing next year will not change and the government is planning to expand the sector to create 10% of the economy by 2030.

“We have created the environment, we have international dialogue, we have created opportunities for visitors and we are ready to take the numbers we promised to photograph,” said Al-Khateeb.

The Saudi Arabian government had issued about 500,000 visas before closing its borders and mainly had Islamic religious tours, but the border was closed due to the epidemic and there was a significant decline in tourism. However, since the number of home visits that was 50% greater than predicted helped facilitate business and employment planning. Accommodation in 10 areas that the government has chosen to promote tropical tourism increased by 80% over the summer, compared with only 5% in the past, the agency said.

Last month, the kingdom launched its first suspended trip after being suspected of being a coronavirus. However, the journey has begun again.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing to receive foreign visitors from 2021, where they will adhere to health and safety standards.

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