Salesforce to announce $2 million small enterprise fund along with digital Dreamforce

The world’s largest convention is over, and it’s off the streets of San Francisco after a fall.

Salesforce has revealed the latest of their long-awaited Dreamforce conference, which over the years attracts 170,000 subscribers to the Moscone Center and many other locations in downtown San Francisco.

It will set up a $ 2 million small business fund in San Francisco with two to 50 members, similar to a program launched in April that offered $ 10,000 to 300 businesses.

“The world has changed this year for everyone, and we want to know the difference we can make by not participating in the event,” said Ebony Beckwith, CEO of Salesforce Foundation and chief executive officer of the company.

San Francisco Travel estimates that Dreamforce’s investment in San Francisco’s economy is more than $ 150 million, with Salesforce and other companies recruiting event vendors, renting restaurants and other facilities and booking hotel staff rooms. The smallest of the funds will be for Dreamforce.

“We can’t close all the holes, but we can do what we can,” Beckwith said.

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The event is expected to feature keynote speeches by CEO Marc Benioff on November 12, played instead of a live broadcast.

The company uses the brand to reach more people. Over the years, Salesforce invites students from the 400 Bay Area to teach and participate in discussions. This year, the program will expand to 10,000 young people worldwide, including 1,000 from the Bay Area, Beckwith said.

The digital event allowed Salesforce to “open up and organize playgrounds,” he added.

Salesforce is also donating $ 3 million to five non-profit organizations to address hunger, social inequality and climate change.

Owen Thomas is the business editor at the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: [email protected] Twitter: @owenthomas

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