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Let’s play a little word of word association, right?
Salt? Pepper.
Friends? Fun!
To walk?

Do you think of places other than India? If so, you are not alone. After playing this game with my husband one day, I first thought about the green hills of Ireland and him, the sandy beaches of Bali. But when we play again, I go with the Dalhousie Range in Himachal Pradesh. And I have The Musafir Stories to thank for opening my eyes and ears to the beauty of this and another hidden treasure right now on the map of India.

Launched in early 2017 and Saif Omar (36) and Faiza Khan | (31), Musafir Stories (TMS) is a podcast to India only. Speaking of his background, he says, “In 2017, we returned to India from the US. When we arrived here, we realized that India has great potential in terms of travel but it is not well researched. With TMS podcast, it was our way not only to visit and visit India, though , through its residents and travelers. ”Their aim, they say, is to reflect the incredible beauty that India has to offer within its borders.

One of our most popular recent episodes was a look at Landour and Aakash Mehrotra | Picture in Pictures: Stories of Musafir

TMS has 88 episodes to date and each section deals with a traveler or travel blogger and sometimes even locals who have access to them aim to find or be sought after by these couples and their expertise in this matter, such as their recent podcast and Hampi travel by author Anirudh Kanisetti , a fellow podcaster and creator of Echoes of India – a podcast that explains our history. “It’s been mixed but most of the time, we have exhibitors who have gone to these places, bloggers we met and much more. If it catches up with us, we’re going to fix the interviews and the results will follow,” said Faiza.

Listen to our interviews with these two:

Saif adds, “With any idea, we want to bring real experiences to our audience. We wanted to talk about the spread and depth of every place and local story.” And we all know the rich heritage and culture of every state, city, town and mountain in India blessed. If you look at the list of posts on or anywhere on the platform, including Spotify, JioSaavn and Google Podcasts, you will see a variety of places they have visited – from Bengaluru to the beautified towns of Mechuka and Bastar.

On the trip | Photo credit: Musafir Stories

But how can anyone determine where to start in a larger world? Saif weighs this down. “With the wise decision, we try to mix as much as we can to make a difference. We wanted to avoid the journey to life and bring places and words in the barn with hidden gems, all the time to be conversational and informative.” annual tours and places to watch with their guests, they also check out more before posting it all on their Instagram page and Instagram page.

Not only are they tripping to death, the couple also want to avoid the media to beat up those who love to travel. While there are more and more blogs that can use beautiful voice and video / vlogs to give you high dopamine, Saif and Faiza realized that in the current generation, there was no single listening platform in India that would allow them to travel freely while cutting their daily steps. a day or wait between the number of people multiplying in the morning during the week. “Additionally, audiences can capture the imagination of the audience. This informative article has the power to interpret your thoughts and encourage you to take action on the site, “said the Bengaluru duo.

Podcast on Manipur | Photo credit: Musafir Stories

Although the podcast, which has more than a million listeners to date on various listening platforms, and the work that the two began as a connection after marriage, they are now more interested in the day-to-day and kind of responses they have received. With the plague and the ensuing closure, their popularity has intensified and their podcast has become a way of entertaining and enlightening many. “We are happy with all the good answers but we are just watching now, we are reaching out to a few who can be our listeners. We are always thinking of ways to increase motivation and reach more people,” says Saif.

Faiza then tells us about the most recent items on their page, section maps. With the map of India and where it has reached so far and the linked podcasts are also linked. Mapua has also encouraged the duo as they have been able to identify areas they are in and have never done justice. “I think we have done a lot of places in the north – Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand – because people love the mountains, as well as the Seven Sisters – in the northeast. But we have realized that we did not travel in the middle of India and that is why we recently booked a Trakoot section in Madhya Pradesh,” he said. of the duo, I add, “Looking at the areas of India, it’s dangerous – you have mountains on one side, a desert, mountains and beaches – it has everything.

With two sessions a month, there seems to be no shortage of Saif and Faiza. And if you love to travel or want to learn the best in Indian history and geography, enter your headphones and see Musafir Stories.

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