Sabarimala Temple to be opened to devotees

The Sabarimala temple will be inaugurated for five days from Friday, the month of Thulam in Malayalam.

In the midst of the coronavirus, the temple will be opened and according to the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB) only 250 people will be allowed to visit one day and reservations will be held for the first time while others will be in line to open the public.

For travelers wishing to visit, a Covid-19 test report is permissible, and should be taken within 48 hours of arrival at Cotton. If you have not taken the covid-19 test, you can get tested at the Nilackal camp. Due to the coronavirus, in the river the river is not allowed for worshipers to take a bath, however, special showers are set up where pilgrims can take a bath.

The council has also announced that toilets and bathrooms have been set up in Pampa, Nilakkal, and Sannidhanam with cleaners, soap, and running water.

Volunteers are required to ascend and disembark through Swami Ayappan Road and special signs have been established for worshipers to perform darshan and sannidham and will be complied with in accordance with Covid-19 rules and regulations.

No religious person will be allowed to live in Sabarimala because accommodation is not allowed. In addition to the ordinary Pujas, Udayasthamana poojas and Padi poojas will also occur said TDB.

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