Royal Caribbean Submit Spherical-Up: December 6, 2020

Happy December! We can’t believe we’re already one full week a month – there’s so much going on and planning a vacation with shopping and cooking!

The big story this week was the first Royal Caribbean cruise ship in nine months that managed to successfully complete its investment in Singapore.

The Quantum of the Royal Caribbean Sea completed their first expedition with well-planned Singaporean health and tourism authorities.

This is the first ship to resume operations, and is only available to Singaporeans. Quantum travels three or four times a night without landing, which the Royal Caribbean calls “escape from the sea”.

You can view our live blog from the Quantum of the Sea board to see all the updates:

Royal Caribbean News

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

Section 383 of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast is available for enjoyment, which is a discussion of where travel is today and what the short-term future holds.

We feel like we are at a crossroads right now with travel, and this week Len Testa will join Matt to discuss the future of travel and travel next year.

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New Video: How to Choose the Right First Journey!

Are you subscribed to the Royal Caribbean Blog YouTube Channel? We share the best movies out there on a regular basis, all about taking on the Royal Cruise! This week, we are sharing our latest video – How to Choose the First Travel Guide! – and don’t forget to sign up here.

New Europe summer 2022 cruises are available to book

The Royal Caribbean has released its 2022 European tour, which is available here.

There are new ways to explore Europe in the summer of 2022 with a new mix of ships, new routes and destinations – from Italy and Israel to the British Isles and the Arctic Circle.

Visitors can have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds as they board new ships in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe with the Brilliance of the Seaf cruising from Venice, Italy and Voyager of the Seaf launching its first season in the Baltic Sea – the first in Voyager Class to do so. The team changing the game of guest favorites, Anthem, Allure and the Odyssey of the Seas – the second Royal Caribbean Quantum Ultra Class train launch in 2021 – will return to their ports in Southampton, England; Barcelona and Rome to create a summer commemoration of the most sought after places in Europe.

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