Romance ebook suggestions for a disturbing season

The working girl is a fun, entertaining thing that I take a break for one night. Madison Huntington is determined to make it her own if a teacher is rejected by her wealthy but ruling family. After showing her the cheapest but most dangerous homes, her aunt, a real estate agent, gives her a chance to deal with an unofficial opportunity. A businessman who knows he wants a roommate to share his free dog for free if he agrees to take care of a worried dog while doing business and cleaning. Madison is shown a photo of the man. Tyler Roth is a hot guy who is just amazing in front of him. Her aunt says there should be no problem as Madison is already dating. Madison did not mention that although he and Brad did not legally resolve the dispute, they shot him when they realized he had been rejected. He agrees to be Tyler’s “employee”. How difficult would it be to clean and maintain a dog, even if Madison had never done so? And it shouldn’t be a problem to ignore the butterflies in the gut every time they are around Tyler, shouldn’t it?

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