Resulting from rising demand, Vistara to function extra flights to London and Goa

As a result of their response and willingness, Vistara operates more flights to Goa from Delhi and Mumbai, an official said on Wednesday.

The plane is also planning to fly two more flights a week from Delhi-Goa and weekly flights to Mumbai-Goa, the official said.

Goa one of the most popular tourist destinations in India sees the number of tourists every winter.

“Vistara here operates 9x weekly flights between Delhi and Goa, as well as 10x weekly flights between Mumbai and Goa,” said Air Vistara’s Chief Commercial Officer Vinod Kannan. He added: “In view of the encouraging response in these areas, we plan to increase the 11x weekly flights between Delhi / Mumbai and Goa during the winter period from 25 October 2020.”

The coastal region sees many visitors coming from Britain and Russia in the winter months. Combining new routes to Goa, Vistara will also create new flights to London. From August 28 onwards, Vistara operated special flights on the Delhi-London highway using the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

“The (Delhi-London) flights have been redesigned, starting on October 25, to make it easier to connect and come from several cities in India, including Goa,” Kannan said.

From November 21 onwards, the plane operates 5 times a week on the Delhi-London highway. In the past, for a week, only four visits were made each day.

“We expect travel to continue, especially during the holiday season in India, however, the perceptions of customers would be more reliant on health and safety measures, and the establishment of special needs,” said Kannan.

The ministry of electricity also said that home visits are expected by the end of 2020.

India restarted its domestic flights from May 25 onwards two months later. Currently, aircraft are allowed to operate more than 60% of pre-covid aircraft.

“According to our customer survey completed in June, 65% of respondents had to board the next Vistara flight before December. This gives us confidence as we continue to monitor the number of passengers and improve our operations.”

Scheduled international travel has been suspended since March 23 and special trips by countries that have agreed to pave the way for India have been gradually allowed. Vistara which operates its aircraft in London under the India-UK fleet and the alliance has the ability to operate special airlines between two countries with other restrictions.

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