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It seems to be a very long time for us here in the North. We will have a cool and COVID solution. If you are a reader I think you should go to the Voices Book Nook at the old Lincoln Mall and get a chance to sell at a premium price that continues until Saturday. You can take all kinds of books on trips, excursions, secrets, love stories or anything that will make you fill up for the future at home. They also have math, CDs and much more to choose from at a reasonable price. I am committed to fulfilling what I have achieved. I like to have at least 10 books next to my bed, knocking me out to pick them up and read them. Their hours are from 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Saturday and from 10 am to 7 pm Thursday.

Many of my friends have asked me to share this. If you’re traveling south on vacation or winter and staying in a hotel room, I have an idea to read in a travel magazine. Go to a little luxury hotel this time, don’t turn a corner. Remember that the most dirty thing in a hotel room is a remote TV, so when you rub your ribs, and so on, do it well. The article also suggested that you take your pins, and then put them in a plastic bag the next day until you reach a place where you can wash. Because your face is so close to the pillows, you want it to be your breathing space instead of a hotel.

Once again this year has made me change my mind on a lot of things. I always put decorations on the end of the Sabbath day; this year I did it a week ago because of my thumb surgery. That’s why I enjoyed the fall makeup for about 12 weeks.

The different reason – I set my price very early. We are not eating Thanksgiving food this year here with the family. It’s just us and the cats. So why don’t you stop the tree, so I can enjoy it for eight weeks instead of just five weeks. I try for a long time and decorate the house, then I start very early.

I plan to fall into the locker room on the 11th to start moving the chairs around the trees. It will take me about four days to decorate the house. That’s why I expect it to happen at 15.

I’m very worried: Without a lot of gifts under the tree cats can fight for less jewelry. Before I quickly baptized the boxes wrapped under the tree, but this year so far no gift I have bought.

The older boy, Lucca, likes to sit under a tree because of the electric heat. A young man, Cheddar, who makes noise at all and does not understand that he is a cat – it will be another matter to try not to let him go. I have to fix him a bottle of smoke. So put your price in the morning and enjoy it every day.

Ann Young says this is a different year, so be different. Email: [email protected]

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