Prime Travel Bloggers Opine On Right this moment’s Travel Surroundings

Most vacations are empty right now.

Lufuno Lodge

Travel bloggers have a special story to tell. For some the nine to five systems were so confused that they left their jobs and went to see the world, often without a mind. Some have longed to travel the world since childhood and when their money gave them the opportunity to do so, they packed their bags and began their journey. While on the road they started sharing their experiences online, they made a name for themselves and their blogs were born. Some bloggers are young and some are very knowledgeable, but they all have one thing in common: the desire to have fun. With modern travel restrictions, travel bloggers have been put at risk. What notes? The world’s most popular bloggers share their ideas.

Chris Christensen of the Amateur Traveler with his coffee and computer.

Chris Christensen talks about his blog post and podcast.

Amateur traveler

Chris Christensen, Amateur traveler

When the stay-at-home plan came up I told my audience at Amateur Traveler that my goal was to continue to discuss travel. I am not a virus expert. I can have an opinion on this, but no one should listen to me. I told them that I believed we would be traveling again and my goal was to wait for the day and continue to discuss transportation. I received a lot of support from the community in this election. So Amateur traveler they still talk about traveling on the podcast and blog.

Annette White on the sandy beach in Florida.

Annette White focuses on places like the US National Parks.



This break has made me think about my blog in a different way, and diverge the themes of my writing. Bucket Tour Journey is known as a travel blog, but lists like this involve more than just travel, which is why I focus on the content to make the site better and more secure in the future (like writing the At-Home Bucket List). That is, when it comes to travel, I am promoting my notes that can be found for first-time visitors as we return to the culture, such as US National Mountains.

Kristin Addis near the beautiful mountain in Egypt.

Kristin Addis shares her fun with her loyal readers.

Be My Traveling Muse

Kristin Addis, Be My Traveling Muse

At the moment I am looking to help my audience as much as possible in isolation. As someone who has been on her own for over eight years, I know what it’s like to be alone for a long time and to live shared my best tips in making it profitable, comparative. I encourage people to do the same walking differently when we have the opportunity. I feel like travel has become the culmination of twisted photographs, everyone is queuing up to paint the same place, and there is less communication and travel. I also wouldn’t be obsessed with this, so my goal would not be to have any purpose in my journey – just to allow this journey.

Kate McCulley in a conspicuous place near Spain.

Kate McCulley wants to discuss in a small group.

Adventurous Kate: The Journey of Independent Women

Kate McCulley, Adventurous Kate: The Journey of Independent Women

Frankly, none of us know what will happen in the next few months. I know people really want experts to tell them what’s going to happen, but they need to know that no one has the knowledge and they’re just showing it off. For this reason, I do not write predictions at this time. What people want most now is encouragement and communication. This is why I am writing articles that entertain and comfort people. In addition, I give my readers the opportunity to connect with small movies and ask for $ 5 and personal video chat (I charge $ 75 for 45 minutes). I asked my blogger friends very interesting stories they never wrote. I also write my own information.

Susan Portnoy on her farm west.

Susan Portnoy asks readers where they want to find it.

Dissatisfied Traveler

Susan Portnoy, Dissatisfied Traveler

I have send A combination of things that look at the reality of Separation and the desire to travel. I compiled a list of organizations that provide free items ranging from trips from cities, countries and organizations such as museums and art galleries, to interviews, visits to zoos and glass shows. On social networking sites and posting photos from tours, talking about the anticipation of the return and what made each site unique, and asking for places that are missing or want to find. I have shared my new hobbies such as cooking and drinking yoga, as well as through my photos and videos, giving them a sense of what it is like in New York City.

Maria Wulff Hauglann, exhibitor of Espen Egeland mirror.

Maria Wulff Hauglann and Espen Egeland record their experiences in Japan.

Nerd Nomads

Maria Wulff Hauglann, Spain Egeland, Nerd Nomads

We are all in a time when the only thing that matters is not just moving. Like everyone else, we live at home, in Tromso, northern Norway. We must be traveling around Sri Lanka right now, enjoying its tropical beaches, nature, hospitality, ancient cities, and mountains. Luckily we had just returned from a six-week round trip Japan before all of this then we have a lot of new and new photos that we can post on our blog. That is why even though it is a difficult time for all of us, we do not give up. We are looking more closely at what we have written and painted so that when things get better we can go out and explore our wonderful world.

Jodi Dewberry standing near the green forest.

Jodi Dewberry is now writing about a deep journey for her readers.


Jodi Dewberry, ALAJODE means

Except for one post about how travel bloggers are affected, I have tried to avoid writing too much about the situation here. I love printing that has a long life. Instead of just thinking about what might or might not happen, I have been using the time to print the evergreen greens that give my culture. One of the topics I was writing about was “deep travel” so I shared with them how I could find it other cultures from home. I have been referring to the publication of some of these articles for a while, but I am very full of writing tips for trips where travel is still relatively new. This “break” has given me a good chance to share this instead.

Brendan van Son near vacation in the UK.

Brendan van Son tells his YouTube viewers more about the UK.

Brendan’s paintings

Brendan van Son, Brendan’s paintings

I find myself lucky in these times. I have a surprise Traveling on YouTube area and there is a lot of support there. And there are things I can do that are not in line with the journey. This week I will go one day “walking” behind us here in the UK and trying to take pictures. As for my blog, I have a lot of posts that I have never written from different places. The reason I play is a little bit and try to knock a few things out of my blog list. I have written one piece about the complexities that exist a list of activities that people can do in private.

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