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China Watches Australian Wine in New Merchant Revenge

(Bloomberg) – China intends to create more than 100% jobs for Australian wine from this week, and increase fraudulent returns this year and escalate tensions with Canberra. from November 28 and starting from 107.1% to 212.1%, the Chinese Ministry of Trade said this on Friday. Australia responded by warning Beijing that its actions could lead to speculation between businesses and countries around the world that trade with China is at risk. The move comes just three months after China launched an anti-money laundering investigation into Australian wine, followed by China’s largest buyer of Australian wine, earning $ 1.2 billion ($ 880 million) a year until September, according to the state-run Wine agency. Australia. This is 167% higher than the export value of its next major market, US In response to a Chinese proclamation, Australia has called on the WTO to intervene to protect prices, which Trade Minister Simon Birmingham described as “unfair, meaningless, meaningless.” Foreign traders and Chinese observers of Beijing’s action against Australia this year have seen “the possibility that their trade, business, may be disrupted by illegal, unethical practices that do not stand the test of time,” Birmingham told reporters that Treasury Wine Estates collapsed more than 11% after the news, before the trade was suspended. The company said it was reviewing in detail the strategies that were offered for a period of time “urgently” to change the market. Investor in Treasury Wine Estates Vintners owns 169.3%, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Tony Battaglene, chief of the Australian Vine and Wine trade group, said he wanted to respond to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in the next 10 days. . “There has to be a good reason for the number of trees that have been set up so we just have to fight this,” he said. The two countries have been at risk since 2018, when Canberra banned Huawei Technologies Co from building a 5G network. Adding to the concerns is Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s request to inquire about the origin of the coronavirus, which has undermined China’s pride and expressed opposition to the claim that Australia is a USRead puppet: China’s Recognition of Australia’s Value ” Beijing is committed to teaching Australia a lesson that can resonate around the world, “said John Blaxland, a former spy who is now a professor of national security at Australia National University. “While it is important for Australia not to adopt this, it also shows how this type of business has no choice but to quickly change its markets.” Mr Morrison has worked hard this week to address some of these issues, and made a statement thanking China for bringing its people out of poverty. Australia, he said, wanted a “profitable” relationship and stressed that his government was not in agreement with the US to have China. The Beijing Foreign Ministry recognized the “positive comments.” “Beijing claims that Scott Morrison’s remarks last week were not enough, which is why China wants to continue to trade,” said James Laurenceson, dean of Australia-China Relations Institute at the University of Technology in Sydney. contain two-liter containers, which exports to Australia could ban the importation of large quantities of wine and place a bottle there, Laurenceson added, hoping to have a “good portion” of the country’s exports to China for sale in a year or two. Australia is China’s most trusted economy in the world, and trade issues affected the country within its first 30-year economy. China will not be able to import goods such as coal, barley, copper and concentrate, sugar, timber, wine and crabs, people who know which was already said last month. Australian wine has already begun in China after China announced two trade routes earlier this year. More than 50 ships with less than $ 500 million in Australian coal have also been wrecked near Chinese ports as a legal agreement began to sell. (Birmingham updates and comments in paragraphs 5, 6) For more information like this, please visit bloomberg. submit now to stay ahead and a reliable source of marketing. © 2020 Bloomberg LP

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