Plan Your Lengthy Weekend Forward: Spend your getaway at these eating spots in Tagaytay

6 Interest D.Ining ports in Tagaytay Twin Lakes

Inedon’t want to run away in a hurry to find yourself again? Just a walk from Metro Manila, Tagaytay is a great place to relax if you want to get away from the clutter of Metro.

Over the next week, have a snack and a break. Whether you are an alfresco or you have a purpose, there is your own space in the Twin Lakes, the only place to start and the vineyards in the country. This is where you would like to spend your long weekend at Twin Lakes Shopping Village:

1. La Creperie

Photo by La Creperie by @igi_kun

Feel like a little star like Emily in Paris? La Creperie offers the best French cuisine. Bask the feeling of love and being all French stuff and saying “C’est la vie.”

La Creperie is open Monday-Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 8am to 7pm. Save ahead by calling 0917 8211652.

2. Purple Beetle Cafe

Photo of the Purple Beetle by @jomdreyesPhoto of the Purple Beetle by @jomdreyes

For wandering magical lives, inspiration can be found through a good diet and a clear form.

Purple Beetle is a craft restaurant that specializes in art, where you can enjoy art and games.

Purple Beetle Cafe is open from 10am to 6pm. To make a reservation and reserve a reservation, call 0936 232 4409 or 0938 063 1447.

3. A bag of beans

Bean Bag Photo by Jinia AllyzaBean Bag Photo by Jinia Allyza

If you are looking for a place to hide while you are still at home, the place to see in Tagaytay is the Bag of Beans. The bag of beans contains delicious spices, fresh ingredients and good food that feels like a loving hug.

The Bean bag is open Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 am to 6pm, Friday from 9:30 am to 7pm, and on weekends from 7am to 8pm. Call 0917 866 6949 to make a reservation in advance and to reserve a reservation.

4. New Club

New ClubNew Club

Sometimes it is necessary to dress modestly, which is often overlooked and important in the home, bringing us hope and comfort. The Bagoong Club seeks to bring Filipino cuisine to the world map and the cuisine associated with bagoong.

Bagoong Club is open daily from 10am to 6pm.

5. Säntis Foods


Simple moments can be made as magical with the original bite. Enjoy a cool picnic with a clear view and fresh air and make it a treat with the Säntis Delicatessen luxury items.

The Säntis Delicatessen is open daily from 8am to 5pm for treatment. Call them on 0927 235 3153.

6. Starbucks Coffee


Nothing feels more fun than drinking your coffee, but getting rid of what you are accustomed to every day. Grab your coffee drinks at Starbucks Twin Lakes and make my physical time special with alfresco restaurants and fun views.

Starbucks is open Monday, and from Saturday to Sunday from 7 am-8pm and Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 8pm.

To find a safe and comfortable restaurant and restaurant, make sure you follow the safety and hygiene practices that help you when you visit Twin Lakes Shopping Village. Ensuring good health and safety, preventive measures, continuous hygiene, and careful disinfection are being carried out by the Local Sanitation Group.

For more information on the latest updates, visit or call us at 8-462-8888.

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