Photo Book Lets Family Re-Live Last Trip With Son

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – A new Braunfels family put their son to rest about a year ago after he died battling a rare cancer. She can now live her last few weeks in a picture book of a bucket trip that took them West – all the way to Hawaii.

“As soon as we heard that Will was recovering and he didn’t have much time, we decided to win. So, off we went. And it was … a million things, ”said Heather Birdsell.

The journey began on the water.

“The first thing he said, which started on this trip, was that he wanted to go fishing. He has never fished in his life – the whole father-in-law has failed, “says Jason Birdsell.

Another highlight of the trip was driving a speeding car around the tracks, which their son Will always wanted to do.

“I was terrified. And after about seven or eight times, he comes back and it’s just – what you see is a hat and a smile, “says Jason Birdsell.

The Birdsell family took Will to see the Grand Canyon. He went to Disneyland. He became an honorary member of one of his favorite bands, the Ghostbusters.

The bucket series culminated in a paradise in Hawaii where Will was able to swim and become a child, but only then did his body begin to shrink.

“Was the will, a – a little lower. So, we know, we know it’s God telling us to go home, ”said Jason Birdsell.

Will had some time after a memorable trip with his family. His favorite place was Disneyland.

“Eventually, when he was really sick, he was several times there. He was in Disneyland,” says Jason Birdsell.

Will ended his home vacation about six weeks from “Journey.” It was a journey that changed the way the Birds spend their lives.

“I think we’re just trying to make the most of the time we have,” said Heather Birdsell.

The Birdsell family stands in front of their home with some of the most influential people in the history of their son Will. (Courtesy: The Birdsell Family)

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