Overseas Election Observers Criticize Trump Feedback

A European election watchdog in the US to watch the presidential election released its findings on Wednesday, criticizing President Donald Trump for his repeated false allegations and the integrity of the elections.

At a press conference, senior officials of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), who had been summoned to review US elections since 2002, discussed “extremist politics” and “nonsensical statements” from both sides.

While insisting that they were not politically neutral and would not provide political answers, European observers still saved their negative comments to Trump.

“Unjustified allegations of a lack of order, especially for the incumbent President, coupled on election night, undermine public trust in democratic institutions,” said Michael Georg Link, Germany’s special envoy and interim administrative leader from the House of Representatives. OSCE.

Urszula Gacek, head of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, also highlighted Trump’s actions.

“The tremendous efforts made by the electoral staff … have ensured that voters can cast their ballots despite the legal and technical difficulties and deliberate efforts of the incumbent President to end the electoral dependency,” he said.

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Last month, former election observers and students who studied such analysis told BuzzFeed News that they thought Trump’s actions could raise concerns about US democracy.

“If the United States uses the same method we use overseas to see what countries are going back in their democracy, then we are going backwards,” said an American woman who had previously overseen elections in three countries but did not ask mentioned because he didn’t ” we want to look like we’re talking to the ones you hired now.

In a statement published earlier, OSCE pages also expressed concerns about the cancellation of the vote.

But he seemed surprised especially by the political claims.

“The two leaders who led the President criticized each other for corruption, fraud, foreign service, failure to lead, and supporting terrorist groups,” he wrote. “The use of a President who has been a discriminator and to seduce people because of gender and ethnic background was very difficult.”

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Unlike Trump, who wants to pretend to be the winner in Tuesday’s election even though the votes are still in key countries, the OSCE observers who visited confirmed that he was staying in the US because, as Link said, “the numbers continue.”

“Ensuring that every vote is counted is a priority for all government departments,” he said.

“The numbers are continuing,” Gacek added, “and the elections are not over.

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