Ought to I ebook my summer season 2021 vacation now to beat the push?

The fact that the British are probably the world’s first to receive a coronavirus vaccine has provided the long-awaited encouragement and hope for our return to normalcy; at least in the travel market.

So what does that mean for your ideal vacation next year? Is it now possible to make a reservation? Will the property be sold? Will the trees explode soon? The only truth these days is that there is no certainty. But here’s what our experts say.

The book is now before

A spokesman for the UK Travel Association (ABTA) told Telegraph Travel: “There have been some positive developments this week on vaccination and this will no doubt boost consumers’ confidence in travel. We know that our members are talking about people we are saving for 2021 and we hope the vaccine issue will resonate. The future is still going strong, as people are more interested in finding out what they missed out on this year. It remains the case that initial reservations give people the opportunity to choose and reserve package packages to provide the greatest security. “

Paul Charles, CEO of PC Agency’s travel agency, says: “Vaccine development is an area in which travel companies need it; little encouragement to reassure people that 2021 will be better. Across the country, I see the 2021 Heat moving as consumers realize that things will work out. “There are high demands and there is no doubt that the second half of 2021 will increase in terms of foreign travel and accommodation. It will increase by 10 – 20% to meet the needs, as operators are trying to make up for lost money from this year.”

Gary Lewis, CEO of The Travel Network Group, says: “We are thrilled by the news that the Covid-19 vaccine will be available early next year, and it is understandable that people will be thrilled to make the transition. 2021 prices are forced not just because of travel. , but due to the change in savings from this year to next year, if customers do not get a Summer Vacation 2021, pre-planning and preparation is essential. “

Michael Vinales, Managing Director, Holiday Olympics, says: “On Monday, we saw a two-year increase in holiday hunting compared to last Monday; with Greece, Cyprus and the most important Canary Islands. Prices have not risen sharply However, the holiday season is starting to sell faster and There is no doubt that the issue of the vaccine will bring confidence and knowledge to those who see their book on next year’s holiday. This is the time – there are currently high prices for the summer of 2021. “

Looking to get away? Jordyn Mackenzie, a retailer and marketer, on Alphonse Island in the Seychelles, says: “Because of our remote location and limited accommodation, we are encouraging visitors to reserve a place for the summer of 2021. We have already seen the 2021 application list since the announcement of the vaccine, Our Exploration Season (June-September) is encouraging visitors to save money in the meantime. ”

Set fire to storage

Saj Ahmad, senior researcher at StrategicAero Research, says: “At the moment, I think it’s too early to start booking for a number of important reasons. Most importantly, the availability of a new vaccine – the UK will make about 20m so far, which can only take up one-third of the time. of the public and even so, this will be of benefit to NHS staff and those in the senior age group.

“Second, if people start booking the 2021 holiday right now, they will not only be at risk of rising prices because everyone is trying to do the same with lower availability, but the biggest risk that some countries, especially potential tourists, will still not be ready or ready to come if they can’t. getting more and more vaccines.

“There is no question that the vaccine is a game changer. The problem now is twofold – to control the vaccine to ensure that a sufficient vaccine can be developed and then again, to distribute the vaccine. It is important to remember that two drugs are needed three weeks later, with more than 7 billion people worldwide. we need about 15 billion vaccines – or more – to eliminate the world’s population – and at the same time, the resources and resources will be needed. And it all depends on how quickly the resources can be made. “

Save now, carefully

Telegraph Travel Consultant Nick Trend advises: “I play book reservations for nine months when there is a lot of uncertainty. But if you can get a good deal that requires little or no money, it includes a no-holds-barred offer for travel. be present now. “

Commenting on aviation prices, John Grant, chief inspector at OAG, tells us: “The issue of effective vaccines can encourage people to consider traveling in 2021 with high hopes, and for those who are brave and courageous, reserve space. However, there is no doubt that there will be pressure, and the longest summer vacation time is about nine months from now, so there could be a lot of distractions before that time. Airlines, travel companies and especially travelers, Monday’s news brings light to the end. for a very long road. “

Sonia Davies, CEO of pilot Scott Dunn, says: “Continuing yesterday’s announcement of the arrival of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, we have seen an encouraging increase in questions. However, these are just the first days and we are awaiting a definite plan from government to recover, including strong testing, reduction of contagious populations and a simple way to advise FCDO.

“We expect the travel upgrade to be as large as 2021 and to make it possible to save for about two years as much as possible. The same will apply to those who are going to face difficulties, such as limited gorilla transport permits in Uganda, Machu Picchu bans, and National Parks in North America.

“We especially recommend to families who are looking to travel on holiday in 2021 to register early, due to the high number of vacations and limited space in our Explorers Kids Club. Airlines has taken steps to ensure that survivors of the epidemic are expected to descend significantly. , which is why access will be difficult. “

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