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In an interview with the Atlantic for writing his bid for the Promised Land, Barack Obama thinks of Joe Biden’s chances of working with Republicans in Congress, is about to admit he is not Trump’s independence – and compares America under Trump to Central Asia under Genghis Khan.

“If we had the right people in this country,” Obama says, “I would expect someone to be a lot more interesting.”

Trump is refusing to accept Biden’s defeat, despite five million shortcomings in the popular vote and a college loss of 306-232, the limit that struck Hillary Clinton.

“Of all the differences between me and George W Bush,” Obama said, “he and his supervisors could not have been more gracious and kind in making sure there was a better hand. One of the most frustrating things right now is the amount of time wasted on apology. Donald Trump and the reluctance of other Republicans to call him. ”

On Sunday night, Trump posted a message online: “I WON VOTE!” Twitter sent the message: “Major organizations have called the election differently.”

The President’s current appeal could be exacerbated by the way Obama compares him to “the old man of American culture” – and finds him wanting. After all, Trump is the president who plays the Macho Man song at his rallies.

“I think of American men when you and I were growing up,” Obama told the Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg. “John Waynes, Gary Coopers, Jimmy Stewarts, Clint Eastwoods, for that. There was code … the male rules I grew up with were harkens back to the 30s and 40s and before that.

I think the race will not be complaining, lying, irresponsible — for anything

“There is a perception that a person does what he or she promises, takes responsibility, does not worry, that he or she does not bully others – he or she protects those who are most vulnerable to abuse. And even if you are angry because of arrogance and political manipulation and want men to be men and tired of everyone complaining about slavery, I think the race will not be Richie Rich – complaining, lying, not ‘taking-all-responsibility’, ” Obama added. .

Many do not give Trump a chance to win his cases in the courts, based on false allegations in the election. But based on the results of the double run in Georgia, the Senate should be in Republican hands. Biden should try to work with Mitch McConnell, the most difficult Republican senate leader to support Trump in his retirement.

Obama said: “Mitch McConnell is not everyone’s friend. I’m happy to read now about how Joe Biden and Mitch have been friends for so long. They’ve known each other for a long time. I have a quote from Biden about his dealings with Mitch McConnell.

“The issue with the Republicans is not that I have not judged them enough. We can invite them to everything: a movie night, international food, Camp David, you can name it. The problem was not the lack of chaos.

Obama tells Trump to accept defeat – video

How Democrats should be friendly to Never Trumpers, cautious from the Lincoln Project to Bulwark and beyond, is another big issue. He was told by Goldberg that “a colleague of mine says in some ways you are careless-Trump”, Obama said the appearance was “not very accurate”, but he also reached out to the men of the past 20 esteemed Republicans.

“I understand this,” he said. “There is a sense of opportunity, honesty, responsibility, in the home environment, which I envy. That’s my part of Kansas. My grandmother represents this.

“The people we celebrate in Normandy, including my Uncle Charlie, who was a member of the units that liberated the Buchenwald territories, were men who, whatever their boundaries, whatever their difficulties in mind because of what they were told they could not hear and be like men , however, their relationship with women was shattered by all of this – they gave of themselves for the sake of others.

“And they don’t brag, and they can’t cheat on their friends or get them calling cards.”

“… You have already said that I have a different way of thinking about Trump. That is not true, but the truth is that in my heart I feel some kind of Conservatism that I am not selfish. I am not financially secure. I think it is important, but I think there are other things besides goods and money and money — modern religious ideas, that we have lost our understanding. ”

The depth of Obama’s response underscores the stark contrast between him and Trump – and the size of his book. The Promised Land consists of 751 pages, many of which are filled with rumors of past events, most notably Martin Luther King Jr.’s belief that “the line of all ages is long, but firmly rooted in justice”.

Genghis Khan came to answer questions about visiting the Pyramids. The Mongolian army chief “slowly removes the oil and removes your skin,” Obama said. But “compare the amount of cruelty and outrage with corruption and stupidity that you see in human history with the current situation. He never came close. ”

“This was not necessary to comment on the Trump presidency – not directly, at least,” Goldberg wrote. “In any case, Obama has more respect for Genghis Khan than for Donald Trump.”

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