NSW-Qld border: Rush to e-book flights

Travelers looking forward to seeing a family in Queensland and arriving at Sunshine State bombs on Christmas after a wonderful year filled the pages of travelers Tuesday morning.

Queensland’s Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk finally gave the Sydney-siders a glimpse of the northern hemisphere that Virgin Australia claimed led to the reservation of several trips within a few hours.

When the border opens on December 1, the flight will operate three times a day between Sydney and Brisbane which will run until 7 a.m. on Christmas Day.

Travel between Sydney and other Sunshine State areas such as the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns will also increase.

Search online flights between Sydney and various Queensland airports have returned to pre-coronavirus, evidence of the obvious need for home travel, according to Virgin Australia.

NOTE: Queensland opens border in New South Wales

Reducing borders is good news for airlines that are disabled during a coronavirus crisis, says Russel Shaw, Virgin Australia’s general manager.

“We recognize our responsibility as one of Queensland’s employers and that we have the opportunity to contribute to the tourism industry in Queensland and New South Wales,” he said.

“These extra services will have time to give customers a chance, while customers are given the opportunity to do business and reconnect with loved ones, family and friends before the Christmas break.”

Qantas also said hundreds of other planes will reach the sky over Christmas, with more than 1,200 additional trips to Sunshine State from New South Wales and Victoria.

Starting December 1, the two aircraft will increase operations between Sydney and seven flights from 36 return trips each week to 160, restoring the group’s system to about 60% of the pre-coronavirus level.

“This is a story that many families have been waiting for a long time to hear,” said Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce.

“Based on what we already want, Queenslanders expects to receive more visitors in the next few months.

“All of Australia needs to make sure that regional boundaries are open, especially when testing and compliance are now well established. We also call for consistent rules that apply across the country.

Victori could also be allowed to return to government on the same day as the next 28 days in conjunction with the COVID-19 case on Wednesday.

Palaszczuk on Tuesday announced that Sydney has now met the requirements for health chief Jeannette Young’s demand to open the border, with a proposal for Victoria’s announcement Wednesday.

“I believe this is good news for Queensland families this Christmas,” Palaszczuk said.

“Everything (in Victoria) looks good.”

Queensland Tourism Industry Council CEO Daniel Gschwind said this was a “successful story”.

“It’s a holiday and a timely Christmas gift from Queensland dedicated to itself and to all the tour operators in the country,” Gschwind said.

“It was necessary to inform these people now so that we can save another summer’s time in a very important central market. We hope the aircraft can respond.

“Employees from Coolangatta to Cairns will enjoy the opportunity to return to their best practice, which is a great experience for visitors from all over Australia … This helps them to have a successful career this year.”

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